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§ Altirra 1.6 released

Version 1.6 of my emulator Altirra is out. This version includes various fixes for hardware emulation accuracy issues, improvements to the built-in placeholder kernel, and enhancements to the debugger and UI.


Version 1.6 [April 25, 2010]:
[features added]
* Debugger: Added profiler.
* Debugger: Added support for loading CA65 labels.
* Debugger: Added verifier to catch possible coding errors.
* Debugger: Added support to view extended memory to some commands and panes.
* UI: Added option for controlling vertical sync lock.
* UI: Added /opengl command line switch.
* UI: BASIC ROM is now noted on window caption.
* UI: Window position is saved on exit.
* UI: Added /debug switch to launch in debugger mode.
* UI: Added /f switch for full-screen mode.
* UI: Added .car extension to Open Image dialog.
* UI: Input maps can now be cloned.
* UI: Input maps can now be bound to a specific game controller index.
* UI: Create disk dialog now has entries for standard disk formats.
* UI: Added ability to paste text from clipboard.
* UI: Moved warm reset to F5, bound Help to F6 and Break to F7, and merged Run into F8 to match other emulators.
* UI: Added program icon.
* Simulator: Added option to fill memory with a psuedorandom pattern on cold boot instead of zeroes.
* Simulator: Added support for 65C816 high memory at banks $01-03.
* POKEY: Increased playback sampling rate to 44KHz.
* POKEY: Added option to toggle non-linear mixing.
* POKEY: Added option to toggle individual sound channels.
* POKEY: Implemented keyboard overrun bit.
* VBXE: Register window can now be switched between $D6xx and $D7xx.
* Disk: Added support for 1050 drive dual density format.
* Disk: Added support for XF551 drive high speed commands.
* GTIA: Added a stronger level of NTSC artifact emulation.

[bugs fixed] * Fixed command line parsing and added several new switches. * HLE: Fixed math pack issues preventing Atari Basic ATN(), INT(), and SQR() from working. * HLE: Fixed handling of BASIC enable/disable on warm reset. * LLE: Improved math pack implementation. * ANTIC: Playfield DMA wasn't properly shut off on cold reset. * ANTIC: Improved emulation of mid scan line DMACTL changes. * ANTIC: Reset line now resets position counters. * ANTIC: Emulated single cycle glitch in VCOUNT at the end of a frame. * ANTIC: Implemented delay for changes to CHBASE to take effect. * POKEY: Adjusted timing of STIMER and timer rollovers. * POKEY: Retuned filters and non-linear mixing curve. * POKEY: Fixed behavior of SKSTAT serial overrun bit. * GTIA: Added option for displaying full PAL height when extending display past scan line 239. * GTIA: Fixed display of beam position when single stepping with VBXE enabled. * Debugger: Fixed bug where history window didn't allow scrolling to the bottom via the slider. * Debugger: History window now always shows last executed instruction. * Debugger: History window now flushes and rebuilds the tree when the history window rolls over. * Debugger: "Toggle read/write breakpoint" in the memory window was using the wrong address. * Debugger: Disassembly window now tracks 65C816 M/X/E state. * Debugger: .history command was using wrong register state for decoding indexed effective addresses. * Debugger: Fixed incorrect index register values in Registers pane in 65C816 emulation mode. * Debugger: Fixed disassembly of JMP (abs,X) and JSR (abs,X) instructions. * CPU: XCE instruction no longer sets M/X bits when staying in native mode. * CPU: Fixed bank used by JML, JMP (abs), and JMP (abs,X) instructions in 65C816 mode. * Disk: Added support for reading broken DD disks that have full 256 byte boot sectors. * Disk: SIO acceleration hook now sets SKCTL correctly. * UI: Fixed issue where full-screen mode didn't always cover the entire screen. * Simulator: Shortened delay to releasing OPTION on startup.


Comments posted:

thanks for update, phaeron :)

breaker - 25 04 10 - 15:29

HTML link error at top of page :)

Mclane - 25 04 10 - 19:45

Link to Altirra is broken. It should be:

Z.T. - 25 04 10 - 22:12

For the authentic UK screen look try going to video and turning on NTSC Artifacting High and in filter set to bilinear and play any non artifacting game. That's spot on how my little TV looked, composite was slightly crisper...

Mclane - 26 04 10 - 02:36

Actually bicubic rather than bilinear is just a tad better...

Mclane - 26 04 10 - 02:42

> Link to Altirra is broken.

Stupid rich text editor....

Phaeron - 26 04 10 - 16:07

Some very interesting new features. And the "NTSC Artifacting (High)" is a step in the right direction :)

galu - 27 04 10 - 09:01

I'm wondering how Atari800 will fare as they seem to be heading for a release?

Mclane - 27 04 10 - 20:08

You can see the changelog for yourself:

Phaeron - 28 04 10 - 15:47

Wow......That's a huge list but then again there's a lot of time between releases.

I remember getting excited when they started to mention a new version that would out do even Atari800 Plus when that had been dropped but I lost excitement when they meant feature wise and not in ease of use. It's the one thing I hate with this multi platform approach, it all looks like DOS and feels so clunky.

Even Atari++ in it's SDL just feels so awkward, using sliders to adjust the screen etc etc...

Carry on Altirra...Emulation bliss...

Mclane - 28 04 10 - 20:53

Just need to record on cassette. And the emulator is perfect. :D
Thanks Phaeron.

nsonic - 29 04 10 - 03:49

What, there will be still emulator Atari800win releases?
The emulator good, but Dosov style simply irritates him.
atari800winplus Was the best superstructure to the emulator atari800.
atari ++ - at it such awful interface, it is almost impossible to use, on quality much more concedes altirra.

Still I wish to ask, and what with the emulator kat5200, it will develop?
It like unique except altirra who has the good interface.

breaker - 29 04 10 - 04:46

Many thanks to you Avery for developing and releasing this Atari 800 emulator! It looks like you put a lot of effort into your Altirra Hardware Reference Manual too and I can't wait to dig into it. Do you have a list of the command line switches supported by Altirra? I'd like to try my hand at creating a Gamebase database for the Atari 8 bit and this would be a big help.

Wes - 29 04 10 - 15:03

"altirra /?" will display help for command-line switches.

Phaeron - 29 04 10 - 17:09

Wes, did you know that Mark aka Hardnman already has a gamebase for the 8bit and it's actually just been fresh released as version 8 yesterday. And very nice it is too but sadly impossible to get as Underground Gamer are down since yesterday.

Mclane - 29 04 10 - 20:02

Breaker, no, there are no more planned Atari800win releases, the guy who took over the project has not touched it in years which seems a complete waste of everyones time. I was talking about atari800 the multi platform emulator, you would not like the interface, it's pure DOS in looks and unless they have fixed the directory view structure it's a nightmare to pick a game that anything but an 8:3 name.

Mclane - 29 04 10 - 20:06

Minor issue, if NTSC Artifacting strong is applied the sector counter is unreadable..

Mclane - 29 04 10 - 23:38

Atari800 is still being developed, albeit slowly :) - support for protected tapes, turbo tapes, saving to audio files, "load data as audio" stuff & more; preliminary support for hardware turbo.

I've noticed that a new, Atari800WinPLus-like UI for Atari800 is being discussed.

galu - 30 04 10 - 04:04

Atari800 + plugin CAS = COOOOOOOL!!!!!!

Altirra + plugin CAS = MEGA COOOOOL!!!! ???????

nsonic - 30 04 10 - 07:20

To be fair that a separate branch of Atari800 but yes Atari800 is still moving but will never be much to me until there's a proper windows Gui, the talk of a new gui has been going on ages.

Mclane - 30 04 10 - 20:17

test test yehaa great i like it :)

marcokitt2000 - 30 04 10 - 22:21

Good to hear, there's a lot of time in sweat in Altirra

Mclane - 30 04 10 - 23:33

thanks for 1.7 test 1, phaeron :)

breaker - 02 05 10 - 10:57

nsonic - 02 05 10 - 13:41

A small suggestion. NTSC Artifacting "High" setting is a great thing, but I'd rather have an option to see the extra blurriness without NTSC-specific color artifacting.

galu - 02 05 10 - 22:27

Phaeron, that new srpg, I get the feeling the crashing isn't down to Altirra as I see people who have Vbxe's fitted may be getting the same issue, or is it Altirra with that title screen bug?

Mclane - 03 05 10 - 01:20

Galu, I agree, I really like that very blurred effect, without the artifacting colours would be nice..

Mclane - 03 05 10 - 01:21

1.7 test-1 contains a random crash fix for the debugger, if you use that.

I think I can make the cross-color artifacting tunable. The optimized algorithm I shipped in 1.6 essentially composites together four filters: two resolution reduction filters (Y to Y, C to C) and two cross-color filters (Y to C, C to Y). The cross-color filters could be tuned down.

Phaeron - 03 05 10 - 17:39

phaeron, you can make the filters are the same as in the emulator Stella 3.xx ?

I believe that Stella the best filters, I really like the simulation of old TVs.

breaker - 03 05 10 - 18:24

Phaeron, there's no need for fancy interfaces, it's mainly the extra blur that we like, gives it that 'on tv' look. Just an extra filter would be excellent.

Mclane - 03 05 10 - 20:30

I assume that unlike the Amiga, 8-bit ATARI doesn't have a hardware audio filters - but what about adding some kind of audio interpolation/filtering in the emulator? It's the same "problem" as with the video output - on a "hi-fi" audio equipment, the sound is suspiciously clear and too crisp. Some people may like the idea to artificially downgrade the quality to match the quality of monaural TV speakers.

WinUAE is always a good source of inspiration :)

galu - 04 05 10 - 07:15

I have read on the forum topic about atariage emulator altirra.
get people asking the same thing that I proposed (adding cartridges, screenshots, sound frequency).

I did nothing wrong did not want just want to help.

breaker - 04 05 10 - 21:29

Galu, I agree re Winuae and I think the way the two emulators are worked on is almost identical, both Avery and Toni work incredibly hard to make sure the emulation is as good as possible and both make very frequent updates.

As for the sound, well the pokey emulation is supposed to be the hardest work and needs things like scopes and plenty of time to get perfect so I would imagine that Avery would work on the emulation before any chance of user tweaks.

Saying that, he sometimes bolts on items out of the blue :)

Mclane - 05 05 10 - 00:34

Breaker, no one said you had done wrong, it was just the frequency of the repeated asks, you know Avery knows what you would like, he's noted it.

Not every one knows what has been asked for so yes you will see people asking the same as you, yours was not about asking, it was about asking, then asking and asking and asking for the same thing, it's a bit different from them.

So cheer up and wait for what's coming (or not) :)

Mclane - 05 05 10 - 00:37

The Amiga is my other favorite classic computer, but I'm not touching that with a ten foot pole. I still have the Amiga ROM Kernel Hardware Manual on the shelf somewhere, though.

Breaker, the difference is that you asked for mapper support for cartridges that don't have a header to indicate the mapper. That requires UI work. Adding mappers themselves is different:

Phaeron - 06 05 10 - 17:26

I had you down as an Amiga man, god I wish that OS was on PC's first!

All I need to hear is that you liked the C64 and the Snes and I'll wonder if you were my long lost brother (the one with the brains :))

Mclane - 06 05 10 - 20:43

Phaeron, I do not understand, what you fixed?
All cartridges which worked earlier, also work and now.

Eight cartridges and do not work:

Commando.rom (512K)
Commando (128kb).rom
Mean 18 (v1).rom
Mean 18 (v2).rom
MIDI Maze.rom
One Moon And Two Suns (demo, v1).rom
One Moon And Two Suns (demo, v2).rom

Excuse, but I do not see other not working cartridges.

breaker - 07 05 10 - 01:01

Problem with sound with the version 1.7 test 2. Lag occurs.

Check the version 1.7 test 1 and I have no problems with sound.

nsonic - 07 05 10 - 01:25

checked in the version 1.7 test 2, no sound lag.
nsonic, you may be using a weaker computer?

Phaeron, I seem to understand you have added new Mappers cartridge, but did not do UI for their choice.

breaker - 07 05 10 - 05:23

Mclane - Thanks for alerting me to Mark Hardman's Gamebase! Saves me from having to reinvent the wheel :-)

I started working on one a couple of years ago, but I've been dealing with an illness for the past 3 years and had to put it on the back burner. Glad to see we 8 bit Atarians are finally being represented with a Gamebase!

Wes - 07 05 10 - 10:58

Phaeron, in Main.cpp the ReadCommandLine section has:
"Usage: Altirra [switches] \n"
Just wanted to let you know I wasn't able to get any of the switches to work until I put them after the disk name instead of before.

Wes - 07 05 10 - 11:17

Whoops, looks like "disk/cassette/cartridge image" got dropped from my post.

Wes - 07 05 10 - 11:21

Wes, I started a GB years ago myself but like you illness and other issues meant I never got too far with it..

Mclane - 07 05 10 - 20:03

Breaker, Phaeron has added mappers to certain carts that can be identified without the need for a choice, there are many carts that simply have no way to identify them.

Mclane - 07 05 10 - 20:05

Contains fixes for mappers 15, 24 and 35

Mclane - 08 05 10 - 17:45

Phaeron, any chance of a command line that toggles the cassette autoboot on startup, would be handy for front end's that try and run basic cassette files that need a RUN"C to work. With it on it bypasses the ability to type in in..


Mclane - 08 05 10 - 17:51

Mclane, you repeat me. :-D
I already asked couple of months back, about loading improvements cassettes.
There it is necessary to add the button "play" that it was possible compulsorily to force to play the cassettes.

breaker - 08 05 10 - 22:02

It's not so much as an improvement but a help for the gamebase authors...

Mclane - 09 05 10 - 00:15

I woul like to be able to name the basic rom file i would like to use in Altirra. Some games require the REV A basic rom to work and some will only work in REV B.

Hardmanm - 09 05 10 - 22:05

Any chance that the emulator record cassette?
Sorry to bother you so much !!!!! XD
Excuse my English.

PD: Not problem sound lag version Test 3.

nsonic - 11 05 10 - 06:45

Nsonic, are you Breakers twin brother :)

Mclane - 11 05 10 - 20:15

thanks for 1.7 test 4, Phaeron.
you wrote "UI: Added / bootvrw and / bootrw to boot disks in read / write or virtual R / W mode."
although nothing was added in the settings.

breaker - 12 05 10 - 17:05

Reminder: please do not repeatedly ask for the same features.

This version adds /bootrw and /bootvrw to control the disk mount mode for an automated disk boot. Use /bootvrw if the program needs to write to the disk but you do not want the source image modified; use /bootrw to allow the original image to be modified. The default is still read only because a lot of games like to try formatting the disk on boot.

Phaeron - 12 05 10 - 17:06

phaeron, this time I did not ask.
and it seems you have a bug in test 4, see above.

I do not blame that for most people the same desire to see a new in emulator.

breaker - 12 05 10 - 17:12

It's a command-line option, not an option in the GUI.

Phaeron - 12 05 10 - 17:23

Breaker, can you not see that it's more than starting to p*ss off Phaeron with the repeated things, it's doing more to doom development than for him to want to add requests. We all make are little requests and he notes them (i hope :) )

As said before, the source is there then add all you want yourself, if you can't do it then wait and be happy with what comes your way ie HE HAS HEARD US.

Phaeron, thanks for the update...Always appreciated!

Mclane - 12 05 10 - 21:52

Mclane, I do not impersonate someone else another.
and I have two weeks did not ask.
I hope that with time Phaeron realizes what I asked.

last four test versions of my very disappointing, nothing new: (

breaker - 13 05 10 - 02:44

I'm at a complete loss, have you nothing positive to say?

It's a small wonder people bother when they get hassle like this, you simply refuse to wait and then say it's disappointing nothing new that you have asked for has been added.

Sorry, but it's childish behavior to be honest.

What are you going to do when Phaeron gets fed up and stops updating the emulator?

Mclane - 13 05 10 - 03:14


Have you changed the way altirra resets from 800 to XL mode and vice versa?

I swear when it did a reset before it left the previous disk that was in still there, now it's clearing the drives of any disks. Makes beta testing software a little more annoying as you then have to re insert the disc again.

If possible can it go back to leaving the last disk of that session in?

Clearing it when the emulator closes is fine..

Mclane - 14 05 10 - 03:47

Also, from memory and if I'm wrong I apologise, the sound of the reset sounds crackly, possibly distorted compared to the real thing which was more rumble than crackle. I notice it more on the reset but sometimes on tunes.

Like I said, its from memory.

Mclane - 14 05 10 - 03:57

I just tried switching between 800 and XL modes and the disks stayed mounted...?

I haven't made any attempt to accurately simulate reset beyond emulating the correct program-visible and functional state of the hardware after the reset operation. Pressing the [SYSTEM RESET] button on an Atari 800 sends a NMI from ANTIC while on the XL it hits RESET on the CPU, MMU, and ANTIC. POKEY, however, does not have a reset line and so the only effects you should hear are from the ROM kernel reinitializing the hardware. I suspect there's also a significant time delay on the reset button circuit which also contributes to the effect. In Altirra, the warm reset is instantaneous.

Cold reset, on the other hand, is a whole different ball of wax, because in that case you're actually talking about physically powering off and on the system, which has huge effects on everything including the analog sound circuits. It's pretty hard to give an authentic experience for that without making the user reach around the back to hit a rocker switch.

Phaeron - 14 05 10 - 08:46

Thank you Phaeron for the nice beta 4.
Take your time for the next beta 5.
I am very happy that you do this and all your free time :).

gr. marco

marcokitt2000 - 14 05 10 - 09:02

Hi Phaeron, I did a resetall and it still threw the disks out but now i did a reg removal it's fine. Thanks for the explanation and I do understand (a little) the electronic side of the effects of real power off or Warmstart and the related effects on ram being cleared etc.

People forget that for a short time the machine is not without power after a turn off, i forget the exact electronic term for that short period (begins with R if memory serves me)

Btw, what did you think of the sound comment from me?

Mclane - 14 05 10 - 20:32

I see you want to make more accurate reset into the emulator.
Phaeron, what do you think about adding a sound working drives?
In some emulators, such as WinUAE, it is done very well.

breaker - 15 05 10 - 01:28

What sound comment? About the sound of a reset? Not terribly concerned about that.

By the way, realized that I forgot to respond about the cassette autoboot control... it's already implemented: /[no]casautoboot.

I'm quite fond of WinUAE's drive sound myself, but I've resisted putting it in because it's a whimsical feature, and I don't actually have a physical drive to record the sound from anyway.

Phaeron - 15 05 10 - 09:34

@Phaeron, Ok re the sound, just thought it was crackling on some sound during over all emulation.

Thanks for the command line, appreciated...

Mclane - 15 05 10 - 21:07

Video recording.

Phaeron - 16 05 10 - 16:18

phaeron, thank you for the opportunity to record video.
I have long waited for such things.
but errors.

1) Video recording is incorrect, while watching the video I see a very distorted video.

2) disrupt the sound in the emulator, there was an unpleasant squeaking and cracking.
last build of this error with the sound was not.

breaker - 16 05 10 - 17:37

Phaeron, please make a sound like it was in the emulator Altirra 1.7 test 4.

screenshot with a broken video.

to view the video, I use KMPlayer.

breaker - 16 05 10 - 17:46

Aha... think I figured out why you guys were having sound problems while I wasn't: an SSE2 instruction snuck into the SSE audio path.

I don't know why you're seeing corrupted video, but one thing I should have mentioned is that you shouldn't switch video settings during the recording, like NTSC/PAL, overscan mode, VBXE, interlace, frame blending, or artifacting.

Phaeron - 16 05 10 - 18:27

In version 1.7 test 6 sound became purer, but the error remained.

You can notice this error in game boulder dash.
When the person appears in a cave from an input.
Pay attention to a sound at occurrence of the person.

Also you can find out this error having played in game, preliminary monty.
When you will take things a sound will be deformed.

In the emulator should be included Non-linear mixing.

breaker - 16 05 10 - 18:43

@Breaker, non linear mixing is there in audio, you can have it on or off.

The sound in Preliminary Monty sounds how I remember it but I've not heard it on real hardware for ages so you may well be right.

@Phaeron, weird on here, I can record video BUT I have to have some form of artifacting on other wise it records but plays back nothing, If I set to NTSC high the screen in mega wide...

Just went and got a codec pack for win 7 and it's still the same?

Btw, will sound be added at some point or is that pushing the emu too much?

Mclane - 16 05 10 - 19:13

Btw(2) Sound is now spot on, thanks for all the additions...

Mclane - 16 05 10 - 19:14

the sound sounds right in version 1.7 test 4.
in 1.7 test5 & 6 sounds different.
Mclane check and compare the sound in these versions emulator, games that I have indicated.

This manifests itself in a small whistle and crackles.
in the game boulder dash during the emergence of man from the entrance, you can hear a click.

breaker - 16 05 10 - 19:25

Think I found the problem:

> I can record video BUT I have to have some form of artifacting on other wise it records but plays back nothing, If I set to NTSC high the screen in mega wide...

Okay, that's a bad sign. It indicates that there is a problem with playing back 256 color video. What happens if you open the video in VirtualDub?

The reason why enabling NTSC high artifacting bypasses it is that in that mode the emulator switches from 256 color mode to 32-bit. That's bad for video recording, however, because it increases the disk bandwidth required for NTSC from 4.8MB/sec to 38MB/sec. The video is wide because NTSC high artifacting works at 14MHz (640 resolution), but vertical resolution is unchanged. The emulator writes out 2:1 aspect video right now because it produces half the video size and you generally have to post-process the video anyway.

By the way, Altirra will write AVI files bigger than 2GB.

> Btw, will sound be added at some point or is that pushing the emu too much?

Uh, it should already be recording sound into the file, at 48KHz....

Phaeron - 16 05 10 - 19:41

thanks, for 1.7 test 7 Phaeron :)

Now the sound is excellent.
, I do not know what you have added to the sound of past versions.
if you want to implement it can make it better as a disable and enable options.

breaker - 16 05 10 - 19:43

If I see listed to the emulator from the video in virtual dub.
video looks good.
I also saw a good video in Windows media player.

but in KMPlayer video somehow broken.

breaker - 16 05 10 - 19:47

It wasn't a new feature. It was some changes related to the video recorder.

Phaeron - 16 05 10 - 19:47

but can not be done so that video recording was made in 32 bit video?
because the screen emulator works in 32 bit?
otherwise it would show the wrong color as Atari800winplus.

breaker - 16 05 10 - 19:54

phaeron, I have understood.
At you too much high video record.
It is necessary to write down in Uncompressed RGB24, not Uncompressed RGB32.
Reduce bit rate.

breaker - 16 05 10 - 20:15

I'm stumped, it was Video Lan causing the issue, I've never had an issue with it, just using the last stable release. Played it thru Windows media player I get video and sound and I don't need any artifacting on.

Very strange, my apologies for a bugged bug report.

As I say, Videolan (VLC) has always been spot on and played everything, the issue must be with it's use of it's own internal codecs I suspect...

Again, my apologies..

Mclane - 16 05 10 - 20:44

is it me or is the sound in beta 6 better than beta 7, 7 seems more crackle prone. if you listen to the full disk of Ballblazer the Lucas into noise is pretty hard on the ears but more bassy and less crackle in Beta 6.

It's like the thing you found with the SSE is now back in?

Or it could be my rather old ears playing tricks?

Mclane - 16 05 10 - 20:52

Can confirm KMPlayer will not play correctly, there's sound but as Breakers screen shot..

Mclane - 16 05 10 - 21:03

Gomplayer and Winamp are fine..

Mclane - 16 05 10 - 21:09

Mclane, Phaeron made a simple mistake.
very high data recording.

I talked to friends who are often engaged in the video.
They were shocked at seeing the data records from the emulator.
bitrate of 33 mbps and Uncompressed RGB32?
so no one writes.
it's not HD-Video, but even in HD-Video bitrate put less.
and record over a Uncompressed RGB24, not in Uncompressed RGB32!

lower the bitrate or make a choice of codecs to record, both the emulator atari800winplus.

breaker - 16 05 10 - 21:10

@phaeron, missed you asked what it looked like in Virtualdub (1.9.9)

Here's artifacting set to NTSC High and how it looks on avi playback

Mclane - 16 05 10 - 21:50

Last post re anything today :)

I sat 1.7.6 and 1.7.7 side by side and listened to Match Racer on both, 1.7.6 much beefier and less tinny, much nicer than 1.7.7 BUT I don't know which one is actually more correct to the real machine?

Mclane - 16 05 10 - 22:00

Mclane, do not you understood yet?
Players issued a distorted image because of too high a bitrate and Uncompressed RGB32.
if you do not believe just try to convert video using virtual dub and execute it on the player videos.
it will display correctly.

breaker - 17 05 10 - 01:29

@Breaker, I'm talking about the audio when playing the emulator, not the video's it makes..

And yes i know about the issue with the AVI making..

Mclane - 17 05 10 - 01:42

Mclane, then about the sound I want to ask you.
you notice crackling and whistling in tests 6 and 7?
my opinion, I believe that in 1.7.7 the sound is cleaner.

breaker - 17 05 10 - 01:46

As I said, beta 6 sounds better to me, more power, beta 7 is more hard on the ears, try what I did and run both beta's side by side and either listen to Ballblazer or Match Racer, I found the audio better on 1.6.

Certainly the noise you get from a reset with no disc in is to crackle on 1.7 but was spot on in 1.6 so that must affect all the sound..

Sorry, whatever the difference is in 1.7 I prefer the sound of 1.6, maybe that SSE bug is back in?

Mclane - 17 05 10 - 02:24

Let Phaeron will decide what sound to leave better. ;)
I so understand a sound now have translated on 48000 khz.
Can всётаки it is necessary to add a choice of frequency of a sound?

Mclane, only do not start over again to swear, I wish only the best development of the emulator.

breaker - 17 05 10 - 02:38

Re the audio, I'm happy whatever the outcome, it's just a matter of preference and as long as it's nearer to the real machine I don't mind which it is..

Swear...Me :)

Mclane - 17 05 10 - 02:49

Sheesh... I come home and over a dozen new posts.

To address a couple of points:

The difference between test-6 and test-7 is that the low-pass filter is not working in test-6. The low pass filter is necessary to prevent aliasing from sounds above ~18KHz and also to mute objectionable sounds at around 15KHz which don't normally make it through the analog path. This is necessary because some games, like Preliminary Monty and Acey Deucey, have a habit of playing annoyingly high-pitched sounds. Lower sounds will sound a bit better with test-6, but you'll also get more garbage on the high end.

As for the video recording, it's not complete yet. The RGB32 video can definitely be lowered to RGB24 or YUY2 (16-bit). However, I have no intention of putting in an entire video processing pipeline to produce compressed video, so if you're looking to write out a 2MB video for 30 minutes of gameplay, sorry... not going to do it. You're going to have to post-process.

Phaeron - 17 05 10 - 15:07

Phaeron, can it is necessary to make this filter for a sound a bit easier, it is less?
Then also the sound will be not too strongly smoothed.
So to say and me and Mclane it is better.

Still I wish to ask, whether you will do a sound recording in wav?
raw the format is very inconvenient and weighs too much.

breaker - 17 05 10 - 15:23

Ah, I have not guessed at once.
It is possible to arrive with a sound even easier.
Add please in options of a sound the button noise Filter.
I love a pure sound and consequently such as I will include this filter.
Mclane loves a sound raw and consequently such as it will not include the filter.

All will be happy. :)

breaker - 17 05 10 - 15:35

Sigh... I work on Altirra to get away from this stuff once in a while....

I fixed some problems with the AVI writing -- sound in particular should work on more players:

VideoLAN's AVI handling is... special. Well, that's a charitable way to put it. Audio now works -- VLC requires 'wb' on wave blocks, even though it shouldn't be needed -- but it doesn't look like VLC supports paletted video correctly at all looking at the source, so that's not fixable from my end. I want to keep the option to write paletted video since it's by far the most compact format without using compression.

Phaeron - 17 05 10 - 18:56

nothing has changed.
recorded video incorrectly reproduced.

rpm files can not run.
winamp and Kmplayer not open this file.

breaker - 17 05 10 - 19:15

I downloaded VLC.
such horror, I had never seen.
settings, very little has been done every which way ...

play video captured Emulator, VLC player refused.
I tried to include various filters, but VLC player does not want to show the video with the emulator.
hear the sound but no picture.

breaker - 17 05 10 - 20:00

I don't mean to be rude, but... either get a different player or wait until I implement compressed video support. These players weren't tested with 256 color video and I can't work around the fundamental bugs I'm finding in them in this regard. KMPlayer, for instance, is REALLY broken with 8-bit video in that the stride it's using to read the image varies according to the window size.

Phaeron - 17 05 10 - 20:08

Phaeron, forgive me.
I only write that I can not play video.
Video captured from the emulator is reproduced in the programs:

virtual dub
windows media player
media player classic

I will wait for further development ...

breaker - 17 05 10 - 20:22

it work!
it work!

Once again excuse me.
I was told the reason.
that's what you need to put in the settings kmplayer

breaker - 17 05 10 - 20:44

Thanks for the explanation of the sound Phaeron. Whatever is correct is all I care about.

Sorry about the delude of messages, the list of players was only to advise people what ones would work with the avi's as they stand and not a dig at the avi process. By now you know I'm never trying to upset the apple cart..

Mclane - 17 05 10 - 23:20

Hey breaker, thanks for the tip on the splitter setting. It seems there are two bugs in KMPlayer: its "damaged AVI" detection is wrong (looks like they have an off-by-one in their biSizeImage check for uncompressed 8-bit video), and the KMPlayer internal splitter doesn't handle uncompressed 8-bit video correctly either. However, both the Gabest and the system splitter work fine, as you noted.

The good news is, I think I've found a solution that's better in both compatibility and size:

This version checks for and drops out duplicate frames, so it doesn't eat lots of bandwidth when the screen isn't changing at all. It also records truecolor video as 24-bit instead of 32-bit. 8-bit mode (VBXE off, artifacting off) should be better in this version as it uses RLE delta compression for a much more compact video stream... and both VLC and KMPlayer seem to take it without problems.

Phaeron - 18 05 10 - 19:40

Thanks again for the fixes

Great to see these little or not so little refinements being added.

Mclane - 18 05 10 - 20:06

Phaeron, thank you for your work. :)
Video recording works fine.
the resulting video file weighs a little bit and works well in KMPlayer even on standard settings.

Thank you for what you showed so much patience with me;)
and thanks for the excellent work.

breaker - 19 05 10 - 15:44

phaeron, I want to ask about the sound.
You can add a little option in the sound settings to activate or deactivate the noise filter?
so you can hear the sound as in version 1.7.6 and the present.

breaker - 19 05 10 - 15:48

But it's going to make inaccurate sound, as much as I liked the sound I always prefer whats nearer the real machine. Its a nice idea but not really worth it in my opinion..

Mclane - 19 05 10 - 21:40

Brrrr...Who stole the warmth from London...Odd weather, really warm and then deathly cold...

Mclane - 25 05 10 - 20:17

we were a week too cold and drizzling rain came.
but now we have 27 degrees Celsius.
I live in the city of Omsk.

Mclane, unless you live in London?

breaker - 25 05 10 - 20:47

I live just outside to the West Of London in a place called Northolt. It's a pretty awful place to live in, full of drug dealers and violent teenagers.

Mclane - 26 05 10 - 00:04

Are you guys trying to make a point? :)

This version adds compression options and support for Zipped Motion Block Video (ZMBV), the DOSBox video codec. It's slower, particularly for 32-bit mode, but it gives better compression than RLE. You will either need to install zmbv.dll from DOSBox or ffdshow-tryouts in order to play ZMBV-encoded video.

Phaeron - 26 05 10 - 16:21

Lol...Me try underhand stuff like that, never ;)

Mclane - 26 05 10 - 20:18

Thank Phaeron.
Although I use the RLE method, it is better.

but what about on and off noise filter for sound?
Please add, I'll be very grateful.

breaker - 27 05 10 - 01:31

Aha...Phaeron, something I know you like...Emulation detection :)

Well that's what it seems to be as it says when you hit start 'and so now turn of computer'

Mclane - 27 05 10 - 03:17

The only thing I could think of is that as it's a preview of a game you only get the title page and the music, so when you hit start it's just giving you line to say that's it..


Mclane - 27 05 10 - 03:25

ha-ha, an interesting intro, much better than usual.
oh, holy crap, and even Bill Gilbert.
He really did cracks for atari ?

breaker - 27 05 10 - 03:38

Ignore, idea 2 was the right one, there's a full game which covers 2 disks, works fine..

Mclane - 27 05 10 - 03:38

Btw, it's quite a nice Battle ships game..

As for Bill Gilbert, not as far as I know, must have been a fellow Polish mate?

Mclane - 27 05 10 - 05:06

Yup, verified that that's what happens on a real Atari. The almighty Google Translator gives as the translation: "coming soon. now turn off the computer"

Phaeron - 27 05 10 - 18:15

Sorry about that, just a bit too keen on that one :)

Mclane - 27 05 10 - 20:04

I had a bit of inspiration and realized something I could do pretty quickly:

This version adds command-line switches: /type and /[no]hdpath. One thing you can do with this is BASIC program cassette boot: /nocasboot /basic /type "cload~".

Phaeron - 28 05 10 - 18:09

Excellent...A certain Gamebase maker is going to be an even bigger fan...

Reminds me, must get back to going thru the games...Sorry Mark...

Mclane - 28 05 10 - 18:25

Ah, I asked you something quite different: (

and why only on the command line?
You can in fact make the loading *. bas file standard through the File ---> Boot image

breaker - 28 05 10 - 19:00

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm not terribly inclined to implement features when you keep asking for them 5,000 times in a row.

Phaeron - 28 05 10 - 19:50

well, more like I will not.

small suggestion:
you did the video recording in three versions Compression.
Can you make an audio recording as well formats Pcm, wav, mp3?

the same can be done to save the screenshots:
copy frame to clipboard
save in bmp file
save in jpg file.

how do you find such an idea?

breaker - 28 05 10 - 20:49

You hold him, I'll hit him Phaeron ;)

C'mon Breaker, you get busted for asking the same stuff again and then so right back and ask another 2 things you have asked many times for....

The more you ask, the likelyhood it won't be added rises..

Mclane - 28 05 10 - 20:59

you want me to stop helping you?
more than half the errors for the year of the emulator were found by me.

I'm not the first nor the last who asked such things.
are asked here and asked the forum atari-age.

you want to make an emulator for all or just for yourself?
If you do not want to make an emulator for all does not and did not spread it.

breaker - 28 05 10 - 21:10

Do not take offence.
I have a little got excited.
You have angered me, I in the answer have angered you.
I hope we're even.

Now your emulator is developed so that I cannot to find in it errors.
Such result very much the little manages to achieve.
And so-as I cannot find more errors, I start to ask different things.
My nature is that.

Though I have already offered all that is possible, I do not know that else it is possible to think up.
It is necessary to wait for your course and to search for errors.

breaker - 28 05 10 - 22:52


Can I point out that you keep saying you won't ask again and then break that promise and now you seem to be saying that because you look for errors Phaeron owes you something?

Whilst I'm sure he's very happy with all the error reports it does not mean we are owed anything.

I do it because I want the best emulator possible and if I can pass back reports that might help then I'm happy.

Saying you are getting angry with Phaeron really is one step too far, ok you said sorry but it's shocking behavior in all honesty. There's a proverb I got taught as a child, "if you have nothing worth saying then don't say anything"

Mclane - 28 05 10 - 23:38

Mclane, not I say that I was someone, something must.
not lie!

if you look at my posts you will see that I am after the last conflict did not mention the major additions (save, menu from full screen and so on ...).
pro files with the extension bas I said, only after it was added to the beta with the addition of command-line.
I thought that this time will be the place to mention bas files.

Really I so asked much?
I asked recently only about the sound filter, and that asked after it have once disconnected.
By the way filter switching-off was pleasant to you.
I thought well such trifle that will add...

breaker - 29 05 10 - 02:05

Breaker, I'm not talking about the sound filter, you only asked once for that and I agreed with you that it was nice but not really needed.

The addition of the cload is nothing like the loading of bas files in, I'd imagine that is somewhat more harder and I'm sure if it was easy Phaeron would have added it by now as it's been asked for a few times by others as well.

But even in your last post you still managed to say you didn't mention the the save, full screen etc etc but then did which.

As for asking much, well you got Phaeron actually say more than twice now that you keep repeating requests.

And then to say you are angry with the author, that's just asking for the author to shut down development of the emulator, why should he get people getting angry at him when he's doing YOU a huge favour.

As I've said before you will see my name Paul Irvine as a beta tester for Atari800win Plus, I offered idea's which I'm happy to say got added and beta tested it but never in a million years did I get on like you have.

Mclane - 29 05 10 - 05:34

Alright breaker, here's the deal.

I've been willing to give you a lot of leeway given the very high amount of useful feedback you've given and the language barrier. However, I don't like receiving complaints when I post new test builds and I also know that frowny face emoticons are not affected by machine translation. Therefore, you shouldn't be surprised when I react badly to this:

> Ah, I asked you something quite different: (

And this:

> You can in fact make the loading *. bas file standard through the File ---> Boot image

The fact is that I've repeatedly explained to you why loading *.BAS files directly requires a significant amount of work and therefore why it is not in current builds. Furthermore, I expect you to accept that not every feature I put in Altirra is to address one of your requests, nor do I have the ability or desire to implement everything exactly as you have requested. I also expect you to respect the limited amount of time I have to work on it and the effort required to implement features, which is why I don't like reading this:

> I thought well such trifle that will add...

I don't want to turn you away, but I'm not going to tolerate repeated complaints along these lines.

Phaeron - 29 05 10 - 17:52

Hi Phaeron,

Thanks for the new beta Altirra.
Your free time of work :) there for i wil thank you :) you let the atari emu in live :).

gr. marco

marcokitt2000 - 29 05 10 - 23:23

phaeron, excuse, I have got excited yesterday.
I will try to suffer and wait.

About *.bas files.
I have mentioned them because have solved that you have made their start in a command line, and I wanted on a standard way.
More I will not mention *.bas files.

I do not want that the emulator was closed.
But I very much am to be helped somehow, something to do.
Because of that that I cannot find an error or something to test, I start to elicit the new.

I hope you me understand.
Once again me excuse.

breaker - 30 05 10 - 00:15

What that command line does is nothing like what you want, it's simply taking a known format file and automating the typing of the CLOAD process. What you want is the support specially written of a new file format and for Phaeron to inject that into a BASIC environment.

No Atari Emulator does this (so far?) so if it was so easy it would have been in every emulator by now.

I would imagine it's very hard to do, adjusting ram pointers etc etc etc

I expect one way to do it would be to create a virtual ram disc that effectively has an AUTRORUN.SYS type virtual file that would act as if you had just loaded DOS with BASIC. But at best that's a very simplified version of a delicate process which would maybe fail if any data is addressed from a disc.

And please, no more excuses, getting 'excited' is now not getting sympathy as you have seen.

Mclane - 30 05 10 - 02:02

Mclane, I promise I will not repeat what happened yesterday.
but ..
I'm not agree with you.
Know why use files AUTRORUN.SYS and DOS?
can you explain how to loading *. bas files in emulator Atari800Win 2.1.0?
there simply select the menu item "Run atari program" and select the file.
they do it?

this is not a request, I ask how.

breaker - 30 05 10 - 02:56

Mclane, just do not start the conflict again.
you say that emulators that run bas files not.

> No Atari Emulator does this (so far?) So if it was so easy it would have been in every emulator by now.
your message.
I said that such an emulator is.

you say that the tester was Emulator Atari800winplus.
atari800winplus emulator is an enhanced (improved) version of the emulator Atari800Win.
You do not know how they did the loading?

breaker - 30 05 10 - 03:46


You replied and then felt the need to reply again claiming I'm in conflict with you, why did you need to reply twice?

Your actions are quite strange, I don't know why..

As for the emulator you speak of, are you confusing Atari800 2.1.0 with something else?

There is a run program in that but I've not found a bas file it will run so far?

If you have a link to a different emulator then please post it so I can look.

And yes, I did test Atari800 Win And Atari800Win Plus but it does not mean I have in depth technical knowledge of it's inner workings, I have no idea how the loading works via the emulation. I do under stand how machine level loading works and the vectors it uses but Its quite a while since I coded.

What I wrote to you was just an explanation of the difference in command line and bas file loading, if that offends you then I'm at a loss as to how your head works?

Mclane - 30 05 10 - 04:11

about the conflict, I said it just in case, because I also do not understand how you think.

what strange actions?
I suggested that you might know something about loading files and all.

breaker - 30 05 10 - 04:32

OK, but what is this emulator you talk about that runs bas files?

Mclane - 30 05 10 - 05:14

I told you already.
emulator atari 800 win 2.1.0

breaker - 30 05 10 - 05:28

Look here

breaker - 30 05 10 - 05:39

It's most likely via direct injection of the BAS file into memory. The tricky part is actually finding the right interception point in Atari BASIC's startup.

Phaeron - 30 05 10 - 05:51

I do not know how they did it, but it works.
I ran a lot of games like that.

maybe you like the developers are talking to each other.
they will prompt you.
I hope.

breaker - 30 05 10 - 05:58

Thanks for the type command, but some tapes require run"c: to be entered to load and run, cload and then run won't work with them. Could it be possible to create a special character thant inserts ", similar to a ~ for enter.

hardmanm - 30 05 10 - 08:18

Thanks for the type command,but i'm having problem with some tapes requiring run"c: instead of cload to load correctly. Could you possible create a special charracter to insert a " similar similar to ~ which is used for enter.

hardmanm - 30 05 10 - 08:30

I cant get Timewarp.xex to work in Altirra

sparky - 30 05 10 - 08:57

I think a lot of xex files have been broken since Altirra 1.7 test 4, especially the ones by Datri Software

Hardmanm - 30 05 10 - 09:19

Yeah, I realized about the double-quote problem after I pushed it out... this version lets you use ` for them:

It also has an option for raw keyboard mode (Atari receives down/up instead of taps).

Timewarp.xex seems to work for me. You'll have to be specific on which Datri Software programs don't work; I tried Settlers.xex, and that seemed to work fine as long as I turned off extended memory (64K).

Phaeron - 30 05 10 - 11:58

Hi Phaeron, the playable but unfinished Polish Civilization does not work on Altirra, works fine on Win Plus?

Tried everything....Fancy having a look if you get time?

Mclane - 31 05 10 - 03:07

Ignore Phaeron, forgot the good old R/W check..Sigh, old and going senile :)

Mclane - 31 05 10 - 03:21

Just a couple more to look at as and when..(don't let it be me :) )

Counting Crickets seems to be a non working XEX
Culmins.xex " "

Cross-Town Crazy Eight.atr Hangs, ok on Win Plus..

Mclane - 31 05 10 - 04:51

Courting Crickets: Works, requires BASIC.
Culmins: Works for me (tried 64K XL). Fun game.

Cross-Town Crazy Eight: Confirmed broken. The problem is that this game uses an unusual serial port mode (use timer 2 for transmit clock). I'll have to add support for that.

Phaeron - 31 05 10 - 08:27

That was easier than I thought it would be:

Phaeron - 31 05 10 - 08:57

Thank Phaeron.
I just do not quite understand what makes the choice of type of keyboard.

checked a lot *. xex files, nonworking I never caught.

Phaeron, do you think broke the record, 12 beta releases for the month.

breaker - 31 05 10 - 15:55

Thanks for checking those for me, I'm at a loss with courting crickets, it's fine with beta 13, I tried it every which way, with basic, without etc etc and the game ran but the character set was screwed...Very confused..

Culimins...Er er....Guess who saw the title page come up and then go and pressed every key except the fire button..Sorry...

Thankfully I did find at least one duff one, thanks for fixing it. I'll redouble my checking efforts. There may be a few more reports as I'm going thru the 6000 - 7000 games in the excellent Hardnman Gamebase for compatibility with Altirra.

Mclane - 31 05 10 - 21:00

past the message was from me.

breaker - 31 05 10 - 23:07

Mclane, that the game database is Hardnman?
Give me a link where to take it.
there are games only *. XEX?

for the first time sent a message and it just disappeared.

breaker - 31 05 10 - 23:08

Breaker, yes It's Marks Gamebase, the only place I know it is on is

But at the moment they have no free accounts, all I can say is to wait a day and try again as they delete non using accounts every 15 minutes or so. Also, it's peer to peer and your ISP may or may not like you using it.

As for the games, no, not all xex's, made up from all types of files.

At the moment I am up to F games and testing each game of the 6492 of them.

Mclane - 31 05 10 - 23:23

Phaeron, think this is another loader issue..

Yes I pressed the fire button :)

Doc Wire's Solitaire Solution, makes weird ultra speed blips, does work on Win Plus.

Mclane - 31 05 10 - 23:25

wow beta 13 this is the fastest beta releases from our great friend Phaeron :)

marcokitt2000 - 01 06 10 - 03:52

Another odd one...Phaeron....I have tried every thing, works on Win Plus as 48K OSB

Fireball 1K Feels like it's loaded but ran from the wrong place??

Mclane - 01 06 10 - 05:03

SHould have added it's a xex...

Mclane - 01 06 10 - 05:04

Mclane, I was there a long time registered.
I understand this game database you use?

see what is there )

breaker - 01 06 10 - 13:02

Sheesh, you guys find the weirdest stuff.

Doc Wire's Solitaire Solution: Disk drive was returning high-speed data too fast; slowed down the third byte a bit.
Fireball 1K: Was a bug in the illegal opcode DCP.

Phaeron - 01 06 10 - 18:46

Yes breaker, that's the one..

But please leave it to me to finish the fixes report as I'm using a slightly adjusted version and want to concentrate on getting it all right (well as best I can).

Otherwise enjoy the gamebase, it's great..

Mclane - 01 06 10 - 19:29

Of course we find the weirdest stuff.

That's why you love us :)

Seriously, thanks for the fix...

Mclane - 01 06 10 - 19:30

Hardnman has found a lot of datari XEX's won't load, while going slowly but surely thru his Gamebase I found another 'weird one'. House of the Devil, I can't read Polish so I'm a tad stumped but it suddenly pops up Turbo loader on disc one and makes a cassette I/O noise briefly so I have no idea if it really is a turbo loader or not. If you hit space it goes black screen?

If you fancy a look at it Phaeron then do but it's a Polish text adventure and not really of any priority unless you fancy checking out this 'loader'..

Mclane - 01 06 10 - 22:25

Thanks for the update.

I downloaded this game base, my Collection of files for Atari slightly enriched. :)

I was interested in two cartridges that refuse to run on the emulator.

Someone may say this is bad dumps cartridges or emulator can not run them?

breaker - 02 06 10 - 12:30

Alright, searching for "House of the Devil" is clearly useless. Stupid movie.

Just about any cartridge could be emulated with enough will, patience, and effort, unless it has something exotic connected to it like a connection to a nuclear missile.

Monkey Wrench 2 is a BASIC expansion in a rare right-slot cartridge, so it's not surprising that it fails. How big are the images, in bytes? I'm guessing that they're headerless images, which means Altirra wouldn't know which mapper to use. It certainly wouldn't ever guess a right-slot cartridge since the only model that could use them was the original 800 and not many were made.

Phaeron - 02 06 10 - 18:26

Here you go, better than the movie..

Mclane - 02 06 10 - 19:27

This is not supposed to work, at least not in the way you would think.

The XEXs are parts of a multi-stage turbo tape loader; in the original tape, the Atari would have loaded each of these executables sequentially, ending on the fourth one. The point at which the first XEX "hangs" is where it turns on both the motor control and turbo lines and is waiting for a start bit on the SIO bus. Obviously, there is no tape attached, so this doesn't work. If you attach one, you can watch the tape activate, but of course it still won't work.

Phaeron - 02 06 10 - 20:01

These two cartridges:

breaker - 02 06 10 - 20:02

Could you add OSA support to the /kernel switch, some games will only work in this mode

Hardmanm - 02 06 10 - 20:11

Aha, so I did hear cassette I/O.....

Yet again, thanks for looking, I have a couple of others I'll post later..

Found a weird one where if the PC keyboard was being used (arrow keys) the game reversed left and right. Under Win Plus it was fine and if you used a real gamepad it was fine on altirra. Other than that I've hit the letter P in the gamebase and there's been very few non workers apart from roms that are not mapped (yet?).

There were a few ATR's that were classed as corrupt for the emu but ran fine on Win plus. Other than that I'd say the emu is doing bloody well, I've thrown nigh on 6000 games at it over the last few days and very little was bad or didn't work on anything ie duff images (maybe)

Mclane - 03 06 10 - 01:33

Hi Mclane, i found some of the .atr files that where stated as corrupt where .xfd disks incorrectly renamed as atr. The OSa support issue is really important and also being able to select a basic rom file too, a few games require OS Rev a.

hardmanm - 03 06 10 - 02:02

Mclane, that requests hardmanm?
OS-a fact already have long added to the emulator.

breaker - 03 06 10 - 04:19

Hi Mark, yeah I thought some were badly named hence the note in the fixes, I have quite a few in my collection. Really must use my file compare proggy to weed them out properly.

I'm pretty sure our Kind author will add the command line, he's good like that...

Not sure re Basic A or indeed C, he's already noted that he does not want to do it for so few titles, maybe a script could be written to copy and rename the needed basic rom?

As you can tell by the messages I'm getting there, blimey is it mind numbing or what :)

But at least every single file will be checked by the end of it, there may be a few that slip by as I'm only playing into the game so far before I class it as ok or not.

@Breaker, what Mark is talking about is a command line for OSA, makes the gamebase much easier to configure.

Mclane - 03 06 10 - 04:32

Oops, thought I'd posted an extra comment..

I sounded a bit smug in the post saying I was sure Phaeron would add that command line switch, my apologies, I should have said "I hope"...

Bad manners and all that..

Mclane - 03 06 10 - 20:10

Fortunately, adding a command-line parameter for an option that already exists is quick:

Phaeron - 03 06 10 - 20:17

Thank you kind sir....

Mclane - 03 06 10 - 20:35

Is there any way to add the library altirra lib8cas the cassette and can record?
I've been testing the plugin windx Atari800 and records cas injektor smoothly until the problem is that when you want to load injektor games do not.
Sorry if you upset both with the theme of the cassette but it interests me.
Excuse my English.

nsonic - 04 06 10 - 06:57

cassette is old but i like floppy 1050 :) is faster on the real atari with happy (clone css) and a mini speedy 1050 look like fast then happy 1050 with writing :).

i known that are many basic programs on cassette :) and i like it.
and i love altirra great emu.

atari 8 bit lives for ever :)

thank you phearon for the fast beta's

gr marco

ps on the web site atari 8bit homesoft is now disk 370 great site.

marcokitt2000 - 05 06 10 - 10:13

Phaeron, you might when you have 5 mins want to look at Tree Surgeon, it suffers from a regular random crash on the first screen. If you go up the tree in all versions (I have), as soon as you saw your first branch and go to another one the game hangs.

Ok on Win Plus, betting it's another illegal code :)

Mclane - 05 06 10 - 21:09

Oh, just a thing I noticed when doing the game testing for the GB, if you accidentally have multiple versions of Altirra open the filter settings on the extra versions is lost and goes back to point. I only mention it as depending on which open version of the emulator you close last you could lose your settings of the bilinear filter, size and position are not affected.

Mclane - 05 06 10 - 21:13

Ignore the multi open Altirra's comments, i found out what was making it happen...ME..

I had setup to use the keys rather than a joystick and was fast forwarding stuff with F1 to cut my testing time down. So, at some points I'd hit Crtl and F1 at the same time thus going to the next filter..DOH!

Mclane - 06 06 10 - 01:15

Yup, bug with Tree Surgeon confirmed and fixed:

One of these days I'm going to have to write an exhaustive test suite for the 6502 code.

Phaeron - 06 06 10 - 11:09

phaeron, tell, various parts atari how much accurately now are emulated?
I remember you several months ago spread here the list of the done work.

And thanks for update.

breaker - 06 06 10 - 15:55

Thanks Phaeron, the test suite sounds a good idea, could save you many bug reports?

Mclane - 06 06 10 - 20:12

Mclane, about a test sound question?

breaker - 06 06 10 - 21:54

@breaker, Phaeron wants at some point to write a 6502 opcode checker, basically it will validate all opcodes and I suspect all the illegal ones as well to see if the work as they should on Altirra, would save loads of little reports.

No sound involved...The use of sound there was in the context of 'seems' like a good Idea, sound like means the same..

Mclane - 06 06 10 - 23:53

Phaeron, have created a little list of files in a rar that I found not to work of Altirra during my testing of the database. Thankfully there's not too many, here's a list of what happens, I've tried to throw every configuration at them, hopefully I didn't miss out something or sending you bad dumps?

Brutal Karate just dies on Plus and Altirra

Bubble Bobble demo v3 crashes after load, I thought it had been mentioned on here before but a search found nothing.

Bug runner is odd, it sounds like it's after basic or maybe dos but says it's loading when there no loading activity going on. I'm wondering if this is one of those turbo tape dumps and the actual game part is missing?

Last of the Dragons should work on OSB as it does on Plus, on Altirra the game runs and works but it's only showing a blue screen.

Lemmings (another Datari game)crashes after load

Maze Miner ...If there's one I think is corrupt then it's this. I tried various basic versions without luck.

New Rally X demo, Again I thought this had been mentioned on here before but again a search found nothing. Game loads and runs but screen is garbage.

Olki... Loads and runs, when it finally lets you press a key it dies

Pyromania loads then dies..

Speed Matter...Ignore this one, just found it does work but was fussy

Sticky Bear Bop, loads but dies when start is pressed..

Last Guardian cheat...I suspect bad cheat maker as the game uncheated works

Wandering... Loads then depending of OS either crashes or seems to be in a loop.

As said, I hope none of these are wild goose chases, the aim is NOT to waste your time. I think I have tried everything on these games, well I hope I have.

All in all great show by Altirra, this little list from 6492 individual games tested..

Mclane - 07 06 10 - 00:22

Hi Phaeron, is it possible to support mapper mode 40?

Its the maxiflash image cart

Mclane - 07 06 10 - 03:40

Brutal Karate
stops at altirra.
works great on atari800winplus.
in the emulator atari800winplus is 128 KB of memory, xl / xe
Bubble Bobble (demo, p3).
does not work on altirra.
working on atari800winplus.
Phaeron, I remember you said that in the demo versions of the game Bubble Bobble used Sio patch hack.
Bug Runner.
hangs on altirra.
working on atari800winplus.
Last of the Dragons.
game works on altirra, but no images, sound is.
on atari800winplus are no errors.
game crashes after the screen saver.
on atari800winplus game works perfectly.
this game I could not run.
New Rally-X (demo, v2).
After the screen saver are multiple graphical errors.
altirra play in this game is impossible.
game works fine on the emulator atari800winplus.
game crashes on the splash screen.
in the emulator atari800winplus game works perfectly.
cool toy, I liked it :)
game does not work on altirra.
goes perfectly on the emulator atari800winplus.
Speed Matter (19xx) (Claas) [k-file].
works fine on the emulator altirra.
Strangely enough but the game crashes with an error on the emulator atari800winplus.
Stickybear Bop.
on both emulators game crashes with an error after the screen saver.
The Last Guardian [cht].
on the emulator altirra game freezes after loading.
on atari800winplus game works perfectly.
this game I could not run.
I did not expect that the emulator altirra still so many errors.
phaeron, you still have work to do.


breaker - 07 06 10 - 04:23

Trust me breaker I had tested each game about 30 times, I knew they were broken..

Mclane - 07 06 10 - 04:42

Mclane, you have images maxiflash cart?
if any, laid please.

breaker - 07 06 10 - 04:42

Mclane, re-inspection does not hurt.
Besides it you make a few mistakes.
For example you say:
> Brutal Karate just dies on Plus and Altirra
I have this game works fine on atari800winplus ...

One tester well, two tester is much better.

breaker - 07 06 10 - 04:49

The reason for the test was purely for Altirra, If I got it working on Win Plus it was a bonus.

As for the Maxiflash discs, no one can use them as yet, only if they post the bin version will they work on the emulator

Mclane - 07 06 10 - 05:34

Whew, that was quite a batch. I think I got all of them except one... out of time for tonight.

Specific game info:

brutal karate.xex: Works
brutal karate.atr: Seems broken, crashes for me on real Atari and Atari800WinPLus, even with breaker's suggested settings
bubble bobble (demo, p3): Yes, this one is broken. It executes invalid code in a way that is "fixed" by Atari800's SIO patch mode.
bug runner: Confirmed but still not fixed -- some issue with the XEX loader. Works fine if loaded from DOS.
last of the dragons: Buggy game image, relies on X register on start. Added workaround.
lemmings: Works for me with XL/XE PAL 320K (might be fixed already)
maze miner: Buggy image; game corrupts itself because LOMEM is too high. Needs DOS with lower LOMEM.
new rally X: Buggy image; appears to have been frozen with an emulator or hardware device that has hooks at $D5xx. This crashes on Altirra because it has different hooks at $D7xx instead. Workaround added.
olki: Confirmed, fixed. Was bug in ATX #imm ($AB) opcode.
pyromania: Works for me (I might have fixed the bug already).
stickybear bop: Looks like bad image, crashes on real Atari.
the last guardian [cht]: Buggy image; cheater causes random crash depending on beam location after decompression due to DLI loop. Randomly crashes on real Atari.
wanderer: Works, but takes FOREVER to init, even over 10+ seconds in Atari800 with warp at 3200%.

Phaeron - 07 06 10 - 19:39

Heh... that was quicker than expected. To fix Bug Runner, stick a disk in the drive. The game fails if it can't read from D1:. :)

Phaeron - 07 06 10 - 19:49

Phaeron, you are a total star as always...

Sorry about the list but I'm glad there were only Sticky bear bop was a duff image.

Mclane - 07 06 10 - 21:23

Wanderer annoys me because as part of my test especially with basic games I used fast forward hugely to get past the long initialize delays. Can confirm those that didn't work but did when you tested were because of those latest fixes, ie Pyromania was dead as a door nail.

Did you see the question about Maxiflash? Just wondering?

Mclane - 07 06 10 - 21:42

Ignore the Maxiflash image thing, have worked it out with a bit of help....

Very nice menu's.....

Yes Breaker, once I have converted them I will point you to them..

Mclane - 07 06 10 - 22:50

Righty, here the Maxiflash files I mentioned..Really nice idea...

Ignore my file name spelling mistake..If you know of any others that are 8megabit then let me know please..

Mclane - 08 06 10 - 02:33

Phaeron, thanks for updating.
Mclane, thanks for the laid out images of the cartridges, very interesting multi-game cartridges.

phaeron, option, fast boot, is switched off after emulator restart.
fix it please.
And I have not noticed that RAM the test for atari began to be loaded faster.

breaker - 08 06 10 - 04:33

thanks for the new beta works fine here :)

marcokitt2000 - 08 06 10 - 06:30

Game bug runner really works if the drive number 1, insert any disc.
but why the emulator atari800winplus this game starts right away?

about the game "the last guardian".
not loaded not only with the option of cheat codes.
could not load variations such as:
Last Guardian, The (v1). Atr
Last Guardian, The (v2). Atr
run only Last Guardian, The (v3). atr and all options have extension *. XEX

Mclane, on the cartridge "Englisg Software" there are errors in the games "breath of the dragon" and the "citadel warrior".
this is a bad image of the cartridge or errors in the emulation?

breaker - 08 06 10 - 17:05

phaeron, settings Emulator System ---> Firmware you have written:
"BASIC (Hold Option key)".
but if I hold down the "F4" (option) during the launch emulator - Basic does not run.

breaker - 08 06 10 - 17:15

Haven't looked at the Maxflash cart mapper yet... too busy. Hopefully it's just banking and not actually emulating the flash chip (which would be cool, but more work).

Fixed the fast boot setting not saving, will be in next drop. It's not the on-screen RAM test that is faster, only the cold start test (blank screen). Also, it only works for the XL/XE ROM, not OS-A or OS-B.

I'm not seeing a difference in speed of starting Bug Runner on either emulator. Note that Atari800WinPLus does not eject disks by default when you load an executable.

You can't hold down F4 when launching the emulator because Altirra only responds to keys that it sees pressed while its window is active. This is so that it doesn't respond to random keypresses when you are running other programs.

Phaeron - 08 06 10 - 19:24

thanks for the explanation, Phaeron.

Someone can help me?
I registered on the forum
there is often laid dumps cartridges extension *. mcw
what kind of files, they can run in the emulator?

breaker - 08 06 10 - 19:39

mcw are project files for maxiflash files so would not be suitable for any emulator as they are basically scripts.

As for the bad dumps in the Maxiflash images, yes there are some errors in the dumps, thats down to poor choice by the creator of the file and not Altirra.

Mclane - 08 06 10 - 21:30

Phaeron, if you get a few mins would you look at Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, someone has said the game does not work correctly on the emulator, sadly I can't test this as I have no hardware to check it on (although I'm hoping to get an 800XL and drive soon)

From my initial look there seems to be some odd graphical weirdness when you walk into walks and shoot a guard. My best setting were OSA 48K R/w?

Mclane - 09 06 10 - 06:31

Mclane, about the game "Castle Wolfenstein" already spoken.
put the drive mode Virtual R / W.

do as I do, write down all the errors and their solutions in any txt file.

breaker - 09 06 10 - 15:46

Breaker, apart from the R?W it also makes some weird corrupt looking screen displays..

As for text files, don't mention them :)

You should have seen the list I had from the gamebase...

Mclane - 09 06 10 - 19:38

phaeron, could I ask you a slight improvement emulator?
nothing complicated, but this change can be very useful.
Please add the possibility to choose the type of BASIC.
the best option to do this because I have drawn on the attached screenshot.
I'm not asking you to do this in the next issue.
do it when you see fit.

would also like to start using the button "other" could choose any type of OS without renaming the files in the "other.rom".
simply open your file in explorer.

I very much hope that you will accept these suggestions and add them ever been in the emulator.

breaker - 09 06 10 - 19:47

I encountered a problem.
I need to load the Basic file image cassettes.
the instructions read:
"Loading instructions:
- Turn off disk drive and make sure you are in BASIC mode
- Insert tape file in your emulator / APE
- Type CLOAD
- Type RUN. "

I turn on Basic.
dial command "Cload" and open the image *. cas file.
but the tape does not start to play.
great need in the menu Tape control, the button "Play" and "Stop".

breaker - 10 06 10 - 18:44

Have you tried opening the image before typing CLOAD?

Mclane - 10 06 10 - 20:06

Works here, setup basic, boot, goto cassette and load image, type CLOAD and then run after it's given you the ready prompt and game runs.

Mclane - 10 06 10 - 20:13

CLOAD is the equivalent of pressing play on the emulated machine, obviously on real hardware you would need to press play on the 1010 and then type CLOAD.

Mclane - 10 06 10 - 20:14

Yes, I tried both.
First open the image and then dial CLOAD.
does not work, the emulator does not want to load the game.

Then I tried to dial the CLOAD and then open the image.
the result is the same.

We need to force the button "PLAY" & "STOP".

I tried to open this image

breaker - 10 06 10 - 20:16

I managed to load the image.
settings cassette I was off Sio-Patch.

enabled Sio-Patch the game is loaded.
but in real it should boot a long time.

turns out wrong (not a real load).
We need mandatory inclusion of the tape (play & stop).

breaker - 10 06 10 - 20:28

ha - ha!
Here is how the image should be loaded.
used the emulator Atari800win 2.1.0
See attachment:

breaker - 10 06 10 - 21:06

Breaker it's the auto boot at startup setting in cassette that causes the problem, its for binary bootable cassettes, untick that and CLOAD works as it should on Altirra, I know as I just tried that file. The trouble is that you want as little user intervention when loading all types of file which is impossible if there no detectable differences in file types hence the issue with cart images, with no header you can't just inject the cart and hope for the best.

So for magneto to work as it would on a 1010, just untick that 'auto boot' option and Cload will work, SIO patch is a cheat and may cause some images to fail if there's still protection on them.

Phaeron can't do everything for us, sometimes we have to untick a box here or there and it's still 99% less work than we had to have done on the real hardware..

Mclane - 10 06 10 - 21:26

And if you want that lovely rainbow display list to look right then set it as a NTSC display as it's a US game.

Mclane - 10 06 10 - 21:29

disabled auto boot at startup.
does not help.
long wait, then an error "error -138".

NTSC, I do not like.
running too fast and the colors are very unpleasant.
in our 80th years atari used PAL.

breaker - 10 06 10 - 21:57

Well I don't know what is happening your end, the cas image works 100% here?

When you load it without SIO Patch do you press the space bar after your entered CLOAD and pressed return?

Without SIO patch the space bar starts the tape going..

As for NTSC I agree for the most part but when a game like that one has been programmed for NTSC you will only see the correct colours on display list like the one at the start if you set the display to NTSC.

Mclane - 10 06 10 - 22:13

138 Device Timeout: Device did not respond to I/O commands
139 Device NAK: I/O error or faulty device

Sounds like you didn't hit the space bar to start the tape hence the timeout..

Mclane - 10 06 10 - 22:15

I even tried holding down the spacebar when the emulator in "Warp speed" mode.

but the image of a worked.
I took him here
and even recorded a video as a download game in the emulator Atari800win 2.1.0.

breaker - 10 06 10 - 22:27

damned translator.
do not download.


breaker - 10 06 10 - 22:33

Altirra can better emulate a tape recorder XL12 or XC12?

nsonic - 11 06 10 - 01:28

Game Magneto loader with CLOAD with speed normal in Altirra.
Here video in Youtube -->

nsonic - 11 06 10 - 01:46

nsonic, as you do it?
what settings are needed?
In what order did it?

breaker - 11 06 10 - 02:44

question about loading cassette can be removed.
I have all happened.

breaker - 11 06 10 - 03:00

Well that was worth the time typing on my part ;)

Mclane - 11 06 10 - 03:20

, I probably forgot to disable some option.

Ah, yet would support those files ...
I'll pull from atarimania all *. bas files.
I hope they come in handy later;)

breaker - 11 06 10 - 03:39

I can't be bothered with Atarimania, he only lets you get one file at a time, most places allow you to get the collection as a lump but not him. Also he watermarks pictures he's found on the internet and then says no one can use them....LOL, what a joker...

I appreciate his time and effort but his arrogant attitude that he has admitted to me about the use of the site just put me off going there.

Mclane - 11 06 10 - 04:22


1. Load ATARI DOS with BASIC.
2. In Ready type CLOAD
3. Load Magneto.cas
4. Enter.

working!!! :D

nsonic - 11 06 10 - 09:39

In case you don't know, Atari tape drives have both an explicit PLAY button as well as a motor enable line on the SIO bus that is under computer control. The tape only plays if the PLAY button is pressed and the computer wants the tape to play. Altirra simply locks the PLAY button down, so that the tape plays whenever the computer says so. Normally the Atari only lets the tape play when it is actively trying to load, so this generally works out. It is therefore OK to mount the tape before issuing the CLOAD command because the tape won't play until the load starts. So far, I can see the case for emulating the PLAY button for completeness, but not for necessity.

As for the XL12/XC12, you'd have to explain what would actually be different. One difference between tape drive models is reliability, but I'm not exactly emulating bits falling off of hardware. A second source of differences is variance in sensitivity, but Altirra already has a more aggressive tape decoding algorithm than you'd find in a real Atari setup. The last difference is in power draw and whether you can daisy chain more SIO devices off the tape drive, which again isn't useful to emulate. So what would the difference be...?

Phaeron - 11 06 10 - 15:16

@Nsonic, you don't even need Atari Dos, it works quite happily without DOS, that's not to say there are programs that do need Dos, just that this isn't one of them.

@Phaeron, what percentage would you give Altirra ability to play cas files especially those who try odd loaders?

Me, I'd say it's pretty damn good, I have a few cassette files that load, initialize and the reset but that's about it. As long as Altirra is able to load the working dumps out there we should be happy, if people want to emulate pressing play etc then for me the only way you guys will be happy is to have real hardware and hope after all these years it's working as new.

For me, emulation is about getting quality emulation and removing some of the hassles and getting a few nice additions. What will be asked for next, a virtual nibbler tool to cut a r/w hole on the B side of the digital image????

A sample of the noise of shutting the lid on an old 810?

A multi translated swear word for when your 8 min tape load failed??

An AI bot to take over the game you are playing because you are rubbish at it?

All I want is the experience to match as closely the atmosphere from when I played the game originally, I want to load the game up and it to look and sound like it did in the day, I want it to play like it should, that's all you really can ask for.

For those that dev on the emulator, they will want certain emulated features like real time clocks, certain ports and protocols and as such Altirra already offers devs a very good arena to work on.

But at the end of the day it's about Phaeron, he has to enjoy the dev of the emulator so think about that when you nit pick over tiny insignificant things. Ask for features (once or twice) but give what you ask for some thought first, is it something useful that many will use of is it just something YOU want.

All these things need his time and interest in it.

Mclane - 11 06 10 - 21:09

> A multi translated swear word for when your 8 min tape load failed??

Sorry, I can only do English. :)

Here's a minor update:

It adds support for mapper selection for cartridge images that don't have headers; the UI has a dialog, and there is a new /cartmapper switch on the command line. I also fixed a detection bug that was causing Commando to be detected as a disk instead of a cartridge.

Phaeron - 12 06 10 - 13:17

thanks, Phaeron.
I have long waited for this change.
but earned very little cartridges.
total-only battlezone & Commando.
other cartridges also refuse to run on altirra and well go to atari800winplus.
this cartridge:
Commando (128kb). Rom
Mean 1918 (v1). Rom
Mean 18 (v2). Rom
MIDI Maze.rom
One Moon And Two Suns (demo, v1). Rom
One Moon And Two Suns (demo, v2). Rom

I post these cartridges for you.
You might be able to understand what was happening.

breaker - 12 06 10 - 14:45

I was a bit hasty.
if you open the cartridges through the File ---> boot image then the game commando_128kxegs.bin works.
also earned midi maze, mean 18 (both versions), and one moon and two suns.

but problems still remain.
Commando (128kb). Rom
do not want to run in any way.

midi maze, mean 18 (both versions), and one moon and two suns.
run only through the File ---> boot image.

also for some reason can not boot cartridge 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe.rom
in the previous version it worked.

and yet, it is necessary that the dialogue select the type of cartridge was added when opening files via File ---> Attach Cartridge.

breaker - 12 06 10 - 14:56

Mclane, later I will translate emulator on Russian language.
but I'll do it only if it after the final version 1.7 or 1.8.
I'm waiting for the major changes accumulate more.

breaker - 12 06 10 - 14:59

Commando.rom is a file type detection issue -- I've added .rom to the list of force-cartridge extensions. 3DTTT seems to work for me. Couldn't test Karateka.

Phaeron - 12 06 10 - 17:36

well it works wonderfully!.

Karateka game also earned.
great, thanks.


breaker - 12 06 10 - 18:23

I want to ask.
Please take a look some of these cartridges:
Air Wolf_Monkey Magic_Moon Patrol_Sea Dragon_Spiky Harold_Milk Race_Rally Speedway

The first of them is a multi-game cartridge.
state dump is not known.

Dump Games PicnicParanoia also can not run.
state dump is not known.

I also do not understand how to run the cartridge MonkeyWrench2.

and lastly, if you're not difficult.
Please add the settings System ---> Memory 16kb.
I beg you.
I want it badly.
there add that I think the whole line of code.

and thanks for the excellent work.

breaker - 12 06 10 - 18:34

I'd support a 16K setting as it's an official setting, there's probably some obscure game that uses it?

Not so sure it's a line of code tho Breaker :)

Monkey Wrench has already been explained as a right slot cartridge, there are better coding / disassembling tools out there...

Mclane - 12 06 10 - 20:51

Oops, sorry to thank Phaeron for a really tasty release, thanks..

And Breaker, as you said, the quality of these dumps is unknown, as we know the disk versions run happily so expect some poor dumps to be out there, probably someones experiment to get it going.

Oh, I created more 8mb cart dumps, can't vouch for the content but there some nice collections, will post the entire set later..

Mclane - 12 06 10 - 20:55

right slot cartridge?
this is how I understand the second slot for cartridges, right?
is not emulated?

Air Wolf_Monkey Magic_Moon Patrol_Sea Dragon_Spiky Harold_Milk Race_Rally Speedway
about those two cartridges I asked, suddenly they are working.

16K, very much I want to check a few things.
to-16K, these are all the other emulators atari.
is awkward to be lagging.

8mb cart dumps???
Mclane, you mean 8 mb maxiflash cartridges?
really looking forward to.

breaker - 12 06 10 - 21:07

> 16K, very much I want to check a few things.
> to-16K, these are all the other emulators atari.
> is awkward to be lagging.

Sorry, but this is not going to work on me. I don't care about feature parity just for the sake of doing so. If you want a feature, you need to give a better reason as to why it should be added. I still have not heard of one single program that requires 16K mode to work.

Phaeron - 12 06 10 - 21:34

well, I'll wait.
I'm very patient.

but explain to me then.
Why in the rest of emulators added to RAM 16K?
Atari800win 2.1.0 - a 16K mode. even 2 options.
Atari800winplus 4.0 - a 16K mode.
kat5200 - a 16K mode.

they did just that.
or is there a reason?


breaker - 12 06 10 - 21:52

Why are you asking me? Ask the people who wrote those emulators.

Phaeron - 12 06 10 - 22:06

Breaker, the man has spoken, your challenge is to find games that require 16K only, I opted for it simply as the computers were 16k but unless there are games that need it then you must like me bow to Phaerons knowledge or find the games, I personally cannot be bothered to hunt through a million games on the look out for one or that do not work IF they even exist.

Just looked at Picnicparanoia

The header is way screwed, it looks like it needs to be loaded into $8000 as there is working code there.

Mclane - 12 06 10 - 22:28

I pulled all the *.bas files from the website atarimania.
if necessary, take.
in this archive 622 file.

breaker - 12 06 10 - 22:28

I'm not exactly looking for 16K games.
but I'm sure that certain such games are.
this is not done just so.

Phaeron, you're an excellent programmer, wrote a wonderful emulator.
Well, you do not want to add 16K.
This is simple addition.
it may take up to several minutes.
that difficult?

I remember when I begged you to add OS-A.
You then also do not want to add that option.
but now it is all just pretty.

I want to see the best emulator in the world.
what's wrong.

breaker - 12 06 10 - 22:40

The difference this time is that with OSA it was shown that there were games that needed it, with the 16K you are unwilling to search through all the games to show that it's needed. I went through 6,492 games and didn't find one that needed 16k only so I'm not going to spend time looking into the rest of my collection. If I do find one or you find at least one then pass it onto Phaeron for him to decide.

And please, don't be smug and offer coding lessons and how long it would take to add as that is only going to annoy him and by annoying him you make it less likely I'll see any updates which then annoys me and anyone else who loves the emulator.

Sort that attitude out please..

Mclane - 13 06 10 - 00:03

I don't know if this is feasible or just too much work (more likely the latter).

Could Altirra be made to database the rom files you have chosen to load so as to hold onto the choice of cart you made. CRC and Name should be enough, it would just save that rom choice with almost every rom you load and if you forgot which rom type the time saved from loading all the choices till it worked?

or if not add a command line for rom types to help gamebases?

I suspect all this is a lot of code so I'm asking from behind this flame retardant wall ;)

Mclane - 13 06 10 - 01:20


Thanks for the cart and *.bas files.

There are many basic files i like it :).

I love the altirra emu still in fast beta releases :) sometime not working but with all atari users here it wil work :).
Special thanks to Phaeron our atari 8 bit saver :)

gr. marco

marcokitt2000 - 13 06 10 - 08:17

Alright, it's time you guys beta-tested some code for VirtualDub. :)

This version will store its settings in Altirra.ini if it is present. To create it initially, launch the program with /portable. After the INI file is created, it will automatically use that until it is deleted.

Note that portable mode does have a downside, which is that launching multiple copies of Altirra will lead to more settings colliding than if the Registry were used. When the portable mode is used, the INI file is only written on shutdown, overwriting any settings from any other instances. Also, you must use the Registry mode if you have put Altirra in a location that is not user writable, i.e. Program Files or CD-ROM.

> Could Altirra be made to database the rom files you have chosen to load so as to hold onto the choice of cart you made.

I've thought about this and it's a good idea, but I want to try to improve the general experience first before using the sledgehammer of having a database entry per program. I have some ideas about how to detect certain kinds of failures in a troubleshooting mode. Also, I need to find a better way to report crashes rather than automatically dumping the user into the debugger.

Phaeron - 13 06 10 - 13:56

tests for the emulator in different modes.
change the settings.
everything works fine.
errors are not noticed.

ini file just created.
created a text document with the name Altirra.
replaced him with a txt extension to the ini

breaker - 13 06 10 - 15:40

I tried to run multiple copies of the emulator simultaneously.
Nothing terrible has happened.
could play in any of the running copies.
settings I previously copied.

Board, add the option in the emulator, "run one copy "

breaker - 13 06 10 - 16:08

Phaeron, tell me where in the registry are set emulator?
I need to delete the record with the settings from the registry.

I use the Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

breaker - 13 06 10 - 18:06

I myself found.
settings are stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ \ Altirra

Phaeron, you sly dog.
you just gave a registry file extension *. ini

if you can add another button "Clear all settings".
this is a very useful thing.

breaker - 13 06 10 - 19:12

It's already there as a command line, make a bat file for it.

Mclane - 13 06 10 - 20:15

The one instance only would be a good option, trying to be careful here as I did ask for this ages ago :)

Would be fantastic for Gamebase users, no shutting down the emulator every time.

Mclane - 13 06 10 - 20:43

Btw, thanks for the mapper command line..

Mclane - 13 06 10 - 22:48

> One instance.
Mclane, you mean one copy?
is a necessary option.
but if to add "Clear all settings" - this would be great.

Mclane, yesterday you talked about 8mb cartridges.
you could not get the dumps?

breaker - 14 06 10 - 01:03

Here's a complete set of dumps created from the maxiflash atr's posted, some of those that I had mcw files for I can change

Mclane - 14 06 10 - 02:28

And yes, I meant just allow one copy of the emulator open and re use its window

Mclane - 14 06 10 - 02:35

@phaeron, A report from the Atariage forum says about the extended memory bugs as being back, ones that were fixed in a previous release.

Jsut passing this on as I know you area busy soul..

Mclane - 14 06 10 - 03:05

Portable mode is nice, works well, just a shame it resets your settings as well, i didn't try but if you reverse the process do your old Reg settings take over?

Mclane - 14 06 10 - 04:05

may need to add select button save the settings?
someone like to keep the settings in the registry.
and somebody will like to use the ini file.

I like to ini file settings.

breaker - 14 06 10 - 04:46

several errors:
Tail Of Beta Lyrae, The (v2). Atr
Tail Of Beta Lyrae, The (v4). Atr
Tail Of Beta Lyrae, The (v5). Atr
corrupted title screen games.

Last Guardian, The (v1). Atr
Last Guardian, The (v2). Atr
Game crashes after loading.

breaker - 14 06 10 - 16:46

> A report from the Atariage forum says about the extended memory bugs as being back, ones that were fixed in a previous release.

I never get details on what's wrong, so it's not like I can fix it whenever it's reported....

> Portable mode is nice, works well, just a shame it resets your settings as well, i didn't try but if you reverse the process do your old Reg settings take over?

The two settings are separate. If you remove the INI file, the program reverts back to using the Registry. It's not really meant to allow you to keep multiple settings files, but it does work that way.

> may need to add select button save the settings?
> someone like to keep the settings in the registry.
> and somebody will like to use the ini file.

You don't need it. The program uses INI file if it's present or if /portable is used, otherwise it uses the Registry like it used to.

> Tail Of Beta Lyrae, The (v2). Atr
> Tail Of Beta Lyrae, The (v4). Atr
> Tail Of Beta Lyrae, The (v5). Atr
> corrupted title screen games.

If you mean the flickering at the top of the title screen, that's correct. (Note that some of these images require OS-B.)

> Last Guardian, The (v1). Atr
> Last Guardian, The (v2). Atr
> Game crashes after loading.

As I noted earlier, these games have a broken cheat routine that randomly crash based on timing. I have a lot of trouble loading these images on a real Atari.

Phaeron - 14 06 10 - 17:20

> You don't need it. The program uses INI file if it's present or if / portable is used, otherwise it uses the Registry like it used to.

Phaeron, you can do so that ini file is automatically created when you first start the emulator?

> If you mean the flickering at the top of the title screen, that's correct. (Note that some of these images require OS-B.)
but in the emulator Atari800winplus 4.0 top of the screen are not jerks.
even when using OS-B.
in the emulator screen altirra twitches when using OS-B.
then it is a mistake.

> As I noted earlier, these games have a broken cheat routine that randomly crash based on timing. I have a lot of trouble loading these images on a real Atari.
I Know layers
Know me broken these images or not.
but in the emulator Atari800Winplus these images work fine.

breaker - 14 06 10 - 17:35

> Phaeron, you can do so that ini file is automatically created when you first start the emulator?

No, I want it to default to using the registry. Use /portable if you want this.

> If you mean the flickering at the top of the title screen, that's correct. (Note that some of these images require OS-B.)
> in the emulator screen altirra twitches when using OS-B.
> then it is a mistake.

This is a frame rate issue, not an emulation issue. Turn on frame blending if it bothers you.

> I Know layers
> Know me broken these images or not.
> but in the emulator Atari800Winplus these images work fine.

They do not work fine on a real Atari.

Phaeron - 14 06 10 - 17:55

> No, I want it to default to using the registry. Use/portable if you want this.
It is good, then I offer other variant.
Please listen to this council.
Very many users prefer ini a file of options.

Add an option "to switch off ini" or something similar.
If you turn on this option the emulator will use the register for preservation of options.
At the switched off option the emulator will keep options in ini a file.

Please do not reject this offer.
The majority of users to you will be very grateful, including I.

breaker - 14 06 10 - 18:12

you decide.
if you refuse my offer, I will not longer participate in the testing of the emulator.
and you will lose me as a helper.

breaker - 14 06 10 - 18:14

Let me get this straight... you are threatening to leave over the default setting for an option that you didn't have until yesterday, when all you have to do to switch to INI file mode is to create the file or run with the /portable switch ONCE. Sorry, but I'm not making INI files default. They're outdated and have a lot of disadvantages.

Oh, and by the way, I don't respond to threats. If you're going to have this attitude, then leave. I don't want to waste my time with someone who makes childish complaints rather than advocating their position properly.

Phaeron - 14 06 10 - 18:52

I and so defend the correct position.

Phaeron, you are selfish and think only about themselves.

breaker - 14 06 10 - 19:04

Breaker, take a hike...Your attitude is horrendous, do you really think finding some bugs gives you the right to threaten the author. If you do then you are deluded, arrogant and have some issues...

It's people like you who get emulators shut down.....

Mclane - 14 06 10 - 19:10

Mclane, Phaeron, you okay?
well you feel?
where you saw a threat?

breaker - 14 06 10 - 19:26

I only suggested the option acceptable to all.
but instead of answering, I receive from you insult.

breaker - 14 06 10 - 19:51

Phaeron, breaker and McLane, do not fight.
Altirra is a very good emulator and does not have to run out of meaningless fights.
Sorry for my english.-

nsonic - 15 06 10 - 12:21

nsonic, I'm not going to interfere with them.
they invented some political threat and ignore me simply.

I do not like the command line and I'm ashamed to admit it, but I just do not know how to use keys.
so I tried to persuade the author to add a normal switching save the settings.

Besides it I am not one who wants such changes.

breaker - 16 06 10 - 00:20

and thanks for 1.7 test 21.

breaker - 16 06 10 - 02:25

and here for every atari 8 bit user who like altirra version 1.7 beta 21.

thnx phaeron for the fast update.

gr. marco

ps i have a question of programming.

what program is the best or good for assembler (mac65) etc. and need all so disassembler ( i have now the disassembler) for the atari 8 bit.
is there a good windows disassembler where i can make source code from atari games,appz and a windows assembler wich make a good atari file/or boot disk ?

sorry for my bad english.

gr. marco i hope i something to work on it.

marcokitt2000 - 16 06 10 - 06:39

thanks for 1.7 test 22, Phaeron ;)

breaker - 16 06 10 - 17:59

Ins/Del/Home keys reworked, Alt+8 fixed, faster fast boot.

I don't know about a good disassembler, but I use MADS for assembling.

Phaeron - 16 06 10 - 18:00

Phaeron, special thanks for the fixes.
Now you can normally play the game "Flappy".
earlier in this game did not were fired button.

this game is even atari800winplus not work correctly.
Thank you.

breaker - 16 06 10 - 19:09

phaeron, tuning control, I found the entry "Port 3 (800 only)" & "Port 4 (800 only)".
I decided to configure the joystick control on the number 3 and play the game "Dynakyllers".
but I did not succeed.

Port 3 & Port 4 has not yet involved in the emulator?
you're going to add their support?

and stop being angry already, you yourself have invented some sort of mythical threat, and, in realization has wronged.

breaker - 16 06 10 - 22:44

> and stop being angry already, you yourself have invented some sort of mythical threat, and, in realization has wronged.

Would you please drop it already?

Phaeron - 17 06 10 - 15:45

I do not understand. ;)

thanks for 1.7 test 23.

Phaeron, I found an interesting bug in the game "Submission".
at the end of the seventh level of the main character goes beyond the screen.
Sometimes this leads to the collapse of the emulator.
this is a mistake emulator, or a bad image of the game.
Here you can see the error:
I tried to play different versions of the game, but the result is always the-same.

and I promise you that we have more quarrels will not.
Last time I did not know how to convince you.
'cause I hate to use keys (command line).

breaker - 17 06 10 - 17:01

Phaeron, may I suggest a 1.7 final?

There's a TON of fixes and new content..

Mclane - 17 06 10 - 23:46

Mclane, previous versions of the emulator made for 3 months.
1.7 version is only six weeks.
What's the hurry?
let still be beta releases.

this time the emulator is developed very strongly.

breaker - 18 06 10 - 01:33

You have to understand what the purpose of a beta is, a beta is the start of a search to end up with a stable fix free edition. ie any additions have been proved to be solid and any knock on effects are investigated and solved, the outcome should be an improved debugged new build that's suitable for all round use.

I'd say after 23 beta's there's been enough testing to see it's a solid product with a huge number of fixes and additions that have been checked to make it a viable final. I just think it's solid enough to now go onto other idea's Phearon has up his sleave with a new beta number.

Of course this is merely MY thoughts, Phaeron will do exactly as he pleases as it's his project, that's the way it should always be.

As always, thank you Phaeron

Mclane - 18 06 10 - 18:55

I think the best is yet to release new beta release.
at least until the end of June.
too fast get this version.
although it certainly solve the author.

Phaeron, Mclane, I searched a lot of atari sites and gathered information that can be useful in the future.
if you want to add additional devices in the emulator, such as:
Light gun, Light pen, atari trak-ball, koala pad, Atari touch tablet, Powerpad.
Here is a list software uses these types of devices:

I hope the given information it is useful to you later.

And I assure you, I will use the best efforts that more conflict situations have not arisen.

Mclane, I was registered at a forum "atariage" 3 days ago.
To me the letter on email came, I have finished registration.
But I cannot leave the message and create themes.
What it is necessary to make?

breaker - 18 06 10 - 19:32

I'm not sure about Atariage, I seem to remember that once you confirmed you registration via the email you could posts as you liked BUT some sites do require a certain number of replies before you can create a thread.

Could I please say I have no direct link to Altirra bar beta testing it, a job i love doing but I have NO SAY in anything, I have no special privileges I just put in a lot of time looking for errors and idea's. I'm very vocal about it because I've seen too many great projects just abandoned for various reasons and I'd love to see Altirra go on to rightfully claim the top Atari 8bit emulator.

Breaker PLEASE just do what you do well and look like me for errors and suggestions, make sure you have thought them through and PLEASE, no more telling Phaeron he HAS to put things in, if you follow that we will all get along fine.

Just try and remember this, work like me towards making Altirra even better and just remember all the work is Phaerons own choice, if you don't like a choice then just bite your lip and carry on looking. Having an opinion is one thing and always welcome but FORCING your opinion is not.

So, be a team player and lets make Altirra the best eh?

Mclane - 18 06 10 - 21:40

Writable flash cartridges and some minor debugger fixes:

Someone sent me a pretty good sized list of debugger issues by email that I have to dig through, btw.

Phaeron - 18 06 10 - 22:17

Mclane, well.
Thank you for your confidence.

Tell me and you did not try to check the game "Submission"?
I post some time ago video.
is a mistake or not?

and thanks for update.

breaker - 18 06 10 - 23:00

I certainty didn't play the game as for as you otherwise I'd still be testing games till 2012 :)

The best way to test is to have real hardware handy, I'm hoping to have a 130XE and drive soon. If it works on the real thing then it's 'most likely' the emulator.

I'm happy if you say it's bugged then I agree, all I'd ask is that you try every option first as some of your first reports were just faults of not knowing enough about the machine and trying all options.

Since then you have been fine as far as I know, so please carry on.

Mclane - 18 06 10 - 23:13

Phaeron, I'm hoping I'm not missing something but could the debugger be able to load files into memory at user defined memory locations, maybe the same for sectors?

At the moment I use OmnimonXL for that...Handy for testing some of the weird cart images, oh do you know of a resource for header information re the Atari carts?

Mclane - 18 06 10 - 23:16

And for what it is necessary to insert an empty cartridge?
I thought in the beginning that for an empty image it is possible to throw off games, creating so the maxiflash a cartridge.
I was wrong.
or something you can create your maxiflash cartridges?

breaker - 19 06 10 - 03:43

The maxiflash carts are for disks like this one

If you just boot the disk up you will see it cannot find a maxiflash cartridge, so go to Special Cartridge, create in this case an 8mb cart then the emulator will reboot and you will see that it's found the cartridge and asking if you want to flash write to it.

Say yes and when it's done go to save cartridge and call it what you like.

The produced bin file will now work happily on Altirra..

Mclane - 19 06 10 - 05:17

Use the Maxiflash studio software to make your own ATR files that you can then in turn flash in Altirra

Mclane - 19 06 10 - 05:19

Alternatively use the Maxflash studio software to export your creation to a .car file which run in the emulator..

Mclane - 19 06 10 - 05:26

Hallo Mclane,Breaker,

For some days ago i was asking for a good assembler and a disassembler for the atari and for in windows.
Can you help me out?
I used a program the atari 6502 disassembler you can read it from the site where ape and maxiflash ( for download.
Why i need disassembler i wil learning machine code refresh my memory and check how some games,demos etc... they are build and used for other things demo's etc...
1st i wil disassembler it for source code (many programs games there is no source code) and then reassembly it and check for works.
I hope you can help me out or are there goos sites.

Gr. Marco.

marcokitt2000 - 21 06 10 - 03:57

Hi Marco, the 6502 disassembler you found is the best out there, use mads for assembling

The manual is mostly in Polish I think but there's English text in there.

On the Atari I'd say Mac65

Mclane - 21 06 10 - 05:39

Xasm is also very good..

Mclane - 21 06 10 - 05:41

Thanks for the good info Mclane i will check them :)

Gr. Marco.

marcokitt2000 - 21 06 10 - 07:43

Marco, just one last idea, if you want Q&D or quick and dirty as we knew it back then for coding I'd say give OmnimonXL a go, find the OnimonXL rom, backup your original Atarixl.rom and rename OmnimonXL to Atarixl.rom.

Set the machine up as an XL machine and you will have a new OS which has a very nice disassembler and very simple assembler plus a huge set of wonderful commands I'd love Phaeron to add ;)

About 8 - 10 years ago I ocr ed my Omnimon manual and it's all over the net, if not I can post it. While not as fully functional as a proper assembler ie it's a line at a time and it's all direct addressing (no labels) the whole package is great and gets you in there real time..

Great for ripping fonts, altering hires screens to colour, sprites etc etc...

Mclane - 21 06 10 - 20:28


Ok i wil check that.
Where can i download it from ?

Gr. Marco.

marcokitt2000 - 21 06 10 - 22:21


Mclane - 22 06 10 - 00:58

Mclane, thanks for the explanation about the creation of cartridges.
I downloaded Maxflash Cartridge Studio and created two cartridges.
on these cartridges I put almost all their favorite games.

I had a few questions:

1) how to write the image maxiflash cartridge game "Gyruss"?
I've tried all the dumps this game, but if it were placed on the image of a cartridge emulator refuses to play the game.

2) where I can get any version of the game "Bandits" to be the game to write to maxiflash cartridge?

breaker - 22 06 10 - 03:36

Thank you Mclane for the download and thnxx for the email adres :) i wil mail you later.

marcokitt2000 - 22 06 10 - 10:57

Mclane the email is not working any more :( use my name and @ hot or gma dot com :)

marcokitt2000 - 22 06 10 - 11:05

Thanks for 1.7 test 25, Phaeron ;)
what`s new ?

breaker - 22 06 10 - 18:03

A couple of extra color palettes. The G2F palette doesn't match in one color -- $00 black -- but that's the best I can do, because the original palette has that color as a bogus special case (every other color at luma $0 is brighter).

Phaeron - 22 06 10 - 18:11

Phaeron, whether it is possible to make palette preservation in a separate file?
In that case it will be possible most, individually to adjust a palette somehow.

breaker - 22 06 10 - 18:18

@Breaker, I seem to remember Gyruss is odd, I seem to remember there's an option to nake it work, I'll need to have another look. Also on all those I sent I'm sure there's a Bandits on one of them. Remember a game that loads sectors isn't really a candidate for carts so some hacks may be needed, there's a tutorial by Classic aka Steven Tucker on their forum on how to do some..

@Marco, what email address?

Mclane - 22 06 10 - 20:20


Mclane - 22 06 10 - 20:31

Yes, As suspected games like Bandits which are on the menu needed hacks and some command line functions. You'll need to have an indepth read of the forum and manual..

Mclane - 22 06 10 - 20:34

@Mclane the file there is a txt file with your email adres doesnt work any more.
Her use my name marcokitt2000 @ than gmail or hotmail maybe for sending files or other stuff etc.
I used both email as junk :).
every atari user here )Phaeron and Breaker and you or nsonic can use my email adres i used for junk (i have many spam etc in that mail adres i filter out :) )

gr. and thnx to phaeron for the newest beta

marcokitt2000 - 22 06 10 - 22:25

marcokitt2000, this "Omnimon" you're looking for?

breaker - 22 06 10 - 22:41

The OmnimonXL was in that file with the instructions..

Yes, the email I used is about 8 - 10 years old..

If you use for some reason a different Omnimon rom it may not be the XL one..

Mclane - 23 06 10 - 02:52

thnxx for the info omnimon from breaker is all so xl rom :)

gr. marco

marcokitt2000 - 23 06 10 - 03:30

Hi Mclane,

I have checked it's very nice to use.
I have search the maker of atari 6502 disassembler you can read it from the site where ape and maxiflash ( for download.
And they have a website (for the atari 5200 game consol) :).
A friend of him mail me back he repl. to the maker :).
I hope he can help me out maybe he has beta version newer 2.2 or he wil start programing to version 3.0 i hope.
Its i good program.

gr. marco.

marcokitt2000 - 25 06 10 - 22:50

Hi Marco, glad to help..

Between that lot and a lovely copy of Mapping the Atari (revised) and you can really have a great time coding...

Although I no longer code much if anything I ALWAYS have my Mapping the Atari sat next to my Xbox360 y the monitor.

Mclane - 26 06 10 - 00:13

Yes the mapping the atari i have a copy from it :)
and all so the pdf :) i have posted many pdf books on newsserver (if you no ftd) there you can fine me :)
i downloaded from bit .... site :)
only the mac65 was not there i have it :( and the re atari is all so good book.

Ian Chadwick the writer from mapping atari i have mail contact with him good nice mr the mapping atari.

gr. marco

marcokitt2000 - 26 06 10 - 02:01

MyIDE emulation, keys for Ctrl+Esc and Ctrl+Shift+Esc, command-line switches for artifacting, save screenshot command, H: compatibility fixes.

Phaeron - 26 06 10 - 16:31

Oh, yes!
I had long been waiting for this.
Thank you very much, Phaeron.
You can not imagine how pleased I was.
Now you can save screenshots.

Phaeron, I was a few small suggestions for the persistence of screenshots:
1) Save Frame - it sounds a bit strange.
might better be described as "Save Screenshots"?

2) Please, if you is not hard, add saving screenshots in a format *. BMP and *. JPG

3) save screenshots of the best with the default name.
eg "frame xxx" - where xxx is the number screenshot.

I very much hope that you add these improvements.

and thanks for the excellent work.
emulator with each new release keeps getting better and better

breaker - 26 06 10 - 17:47

Thanks for the update Phaeron...

Mclane - 26 06 10 - 21:07

Thanks for the nice update Phaeron.

gr. Marco.

marcokitt2000 - 26 06 10 - 21:51

Is there any possibility that the original Cassette Deck deal emulator atari.
Cassette Deck To connect to the emulator through some cable?
Do not know if he understood. XD

nsonic - 28 06 10 - 05:10

Nsonic, although Ican't speak for Phaeron I do know the idea of cassette improvements were really only to the quality it is already emulated. He wasn't sounding at all open to adding special routines and the idea of him doing hardware hookups is very unlikely.

I'd suggest using already coded utilities of which I think are out there for the production of cassette related stuff.

Mclane - 28 06 10 - 22:05

That hurts ... thanks anyway. : (

NSonic - 29 06 10 - 07:39

Nsonic, I'm only saying what -> I

Mclane - 29 06 10 - 19:17

Hmm...Half a message from me???

Should have said that I base what I have said as to what was said on the forums here, also the way the emulator stands I can't imagine Phaeron would want it to need special hardware as the emulator has been made to be instantly accessible to the user with as few special menu's as possible so the idea of special cable plugins just seems out of what the emu is about.

Of course I could be a million % wrong :)

Mclane - 29 06 10 - 22:42

Where are we without Mclane.
million messages you have of course not. :)

interesting, will have a beta release ?
or have to wait for the final 1.7 ?

breaker - 29 06 10 - 23:15

Where would you be without me...Pass

At least now you can find your backside with both hands :)

Mclane - 30 06 10 - 02:17

Would it be possible to add the ability to autoload the pilot rom and then load a disk image which needs it?

hardmanm - 30 06 10 - 19:53

You could do it as 'otheros' Mark if there's a shortcut for that?

I can't imagine too many differing OS's that people would need for a gamebase?

Mclane - 30 06 10 - 21:01

Any pointers to the myide internal rom please?

I've got one but it simply makes the emu reset all the time so must be wrong?

Mclane - 30 06 10 - 22:09

> Would it be possible to add the ability to autoload the pilot rom and then load a disk image which needs it?

Atari Pilot's a cartridge right? Just specify both it and a disk image on the command line.

I found and fixed a bug where command line arguments after /portable were ignored, btw, if you were already in portable mode:

> Any pointers to the myide internal rom please?
> I've got one but it simply makes the emu reset all the time so must be wrong?

I just used the 4.4I one from the AtariMax forums. Make sure you have it set as a otheros.rom (NOT a cartridge).

Phaeron - 01 07 10 - 17:06

Has anyone got an altirra friendly version of bugrunner to include in my gamebase?

hardmanm - 01 07 10 - 20:35

Works fine Mark...

Mclane - 01 07 10 - 21:07

Ack, sorry, I forgot the issue with this one that Phaeron found from my bug list last time...

It needs to have a real disk in the drive to run, I'll fix it and get a real one to you later..

Mclane - 01 07 10 - 21:13

Nope, Sorry Mark...

K filed it, made it an autorun.sys, made it a bootable disk, all failed....

Pass...Will ask a few others idea's..

Mclane - 01 07 10 - 21:50

Fully fixed by Rybags from the Atariage forum as a favour...Nice guy!

Mclane - 01 07 10 - 23:42

thanks for update :)

breaker - 02 07 10 - 00:17

Phaeron, what do you think about adding in the emulator open files packed with archiving *. RAR, *. ZIP, *. 7z ?

breaker - 02 07 10 - 00:37

Mark, I'm different runs Pilot under XL mode for itself (well from the version I have)

Mclane - 02 07 10 - 01:03

> Phaeron, what do you think about adding in the emulator open files packed with archiving *. RAR, *. ZIP, *. 7z ?

RAR is an absolute no-go -- it is not an open format.

7z is open, but I'm not really keen on including a 7z decompressor.

GZIP and ZIP I could do, as I already have routines to handle Deflate. In the case of ZIP, it'd only be for one file, because I don't really want to deal with selecting files in an archive. I'm not sure if it's worth the effort to do this, though.

Phaeron - 02 07 10 - 16:09

Hi Phaeron, I'd actually love zip support, like many I have most collections for the most part zipped up as single files as I do with Amiga, ST, C64 etc etc. I know people say "but TB drives are really cheap now" but as a non working person for medical reasons (nothing you can catch :) ) I just about keep my internet going as a luxury.

Its not that important, just a nice extra if it ever happens...

Mclane - 02 07 10 - 20:24

Yes I think so too.
Mclane's right.
can at least support the *. zip archives to add?
I have files on the Atari 8 bit is 2 gigabytes.
Use zip would help to reduce the size.

breaker - 02 07 10 - 20:39

I'll take a look at adding .zip support.

In the mean time, here's a first crack at a help file:

Phaeron - 05 07 10 - 10:23

Thanks for considering zip support Phaeron, it's appreciated.

Now can we have a .sap ripper and a sprite & font ripper ;)

I'm joking!!!!!

Mclane - 05 07 10 - 20:22

Btw, help file is good, precise but not lacking...

Hopefully people will bother to read it (some chance)

Mclane - 05 07 10 - 20:28

Phaeron, thanks for the nice friendly help to the emulator. :)

are very much looking forward to adding support for *. zip.
also it would be great if an emulator such as *. gzip, *. 7z.

Mclane, your joke is very interesting. ;)
Imagine if the emulator will support the formats *. sap and *. bas.
all other emulators atari just die of envy.

breaker - 06 07 10 - 03:44

Phaeron thnx for the update nice help file and yes we are in the final wk :)
holland holland :)

gr. marco

marcokitt2000 - 06 07 10 - 17:32

I'll be glad when the world cup is over, British TV has been decimated by sport for the last 3 weeks.

Mclane - 06 07 10 - 20:44

hahah yes sunday is the last day :)

marcokitt2000 - 07 07 10 - 07:24

Netherlands World Cup Champion ..... !!!please...please.!!!

nsonic - 07 07 10 - 15:42

Hey guys? With the comment list being this long, I need you to stay on topic. Otherwise, I will put vuvuzelas into the emulator. :)

Phaeron - 07 07 10 - 15:54

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo please....Anything but them.............................

They are worse than Detroit ;) (old film joke)

Mclane - 07 07 10 - 20:46

phaeron, thanks for 1.7 test 29 :)

zip files in the archives of the excellent opening.
but I found a bug that I was very upset.

fails to remove cartridges from the slots.
If I click "Detach cartridge" pops out an error and the emulator closes.
I do not know in which beta release it started, but before we ever had.
Correct please.

I attach the files: Altirra.ini and AltirraCrash.mdmp.

breaker - 07 07 10 - 21:33

just checked.
in version 1.7 test 28 detach cartridge does not cause errors.

breaker - 07 07 10 - 21:49

Confirmed Breakers report on the remove cart crash..

Exception code c00000005 PC:00414854

Mclane - 08 07 10 - 01:44

Also getting an error on some zip files that seem fine ie they extract fine, the error says "Bad or missing central directory"

Mclane - 08 07 10 - 01:50

It's an entire directory of files, I'm guessing these were 'torrent' zipped so I'm thinking it's not liking those as others from other places are fine..

Mclane - 08 07 10 - 01:56


Breaker это надлежащим образом перевод набор слова?

Just a quick test

Mclane - 08 07 10 - 03:18

Mclane, perfectly understand you. :)

breaker - 08 07 10 - 04:11

I probably wait for a stable version 1.8 and will do the translation into Russian.

Now I will not do that, because a shortage of several things.
Save States and especially the menu from full screen.

breaker - 08 07 10 - 04:14

vuvuzelas into the emulator.????? yeeees.... jajajaja.. !! Cool.

nsonic - 08 07 10 - 07:09

Guys, this is why I frown on you pulling test releases that I haven't announced here. You have no idea what's in them or what's broken. The test29 release was only for IDE emulation testing.

This has a fix for the detach cartridge crash:

The zip issue is most likely zipfile comments, which I don't currently support.

Phaeron - 08 07 10 - 17:43

it's amazing how much has been done.
thanks for the good work. :)

a small suggestion.
phaeron, if you do record audio to wav files you just do 2 things:
1) sound recording.
2) recording cassettes.
because images of cassettes can be both cas and wav.

breaker - 08 07 10 - 18:10

To be fair Phaeron, you did say it was ok to use unreleased versions..

But yes, we should not moan if there's bugs in them...

Thank you

Mclane - 08 07 10 - 21:02

And yes, it was zipfile comments causing the error...

Mclane - 09 07 10 - 01:25

yeeees please... !!! Recording Cassettes. Great idea breaker.

nsonic - 09 07 10 - 02:39

nsonic, we will hope that to us will listen. ;)

breaker - 09 07 10 - 04:07

phaeron thnxx for the nice updates :)

nsonic are you dutch ?

marcokitt2000 - 09 07 10 - 04:19

marcokitt2000, I'm not Dutchman, but I want Holland to win the World Cup. XD Greetings.

breaker, I hope so. : D

nsonic - 09 07 10 - 07:05

ok thnxx nsonic i hope they wil win :)

marcokitt2000 - 09 07 10 - 09:10

Spain wins!!!!!!
:( :( :( :( :(

nsonic - 11 07 10 - 09:27

Alright guys, that's enough. Any more posts that aren't related to Altirra will be deleted.

Phaeron - 11 07 10 - 09:38

Phaeron, here's an 'out there' question...

I was sitting there thinking that I have all these nice files and many are labeled as say -OSB or -bas as atr's, how hard would it be to automate via the file name what options are configured ahead?

ie if it was say Diskey -BAS.atr or Diskey -b.atr how hard would it to be to parse the file name and set the firmware to basic?

Does this sound like a float-able idea or just over too much fuss?

Mclane - 14 07 10 - 23:27

Phaeron, saw the suggestion for the emulator Altirra I do Breaker? It can be done? It would be very good. Sorry for my English. Regards

nsonic - 15 07 10 - 02:05

phaeron when is the final coming 1.7 :)

marcokitt2000 - 15 07 10 - 07:08

I again sat there thinking about my name parsing idea, now I have no clue as to the mechanics of the parsing but I presume at some point the emulator has a use of the file name while booting?

Maybe a set of file options the same as the command line ones could be used, adding them to files would be so easily done via the free and totally brilliant Renamemaster, you could batch add to any file name all the parse options you want.

Gamebases need not be changed as they already are force fed the options directly..

Imagine, never having to set up the emulator for individual files again go from booting an NTSC, OSA & BASIC atr / xex etc to a PAL, XL/XE 320K game without having to touch a thing manually?

Mclane - 15 07 10 - 19:45

Mclane, I do not like Gamebases.
I prefer to keep the game in separate files.
I like to customize the game itself.

Let Phaeron, will finish first emulator.
much remains to be done.

I think that the final version 1.7 will be released in early August.
3 months to develop a new version of the emulator.

breaker - 15 07 10 - 21:24

Breaker, just a quick note on gamebases as it's not really on topic. Gamebases are very important things, when done right it gives the user a history of a game or machine by not just letting the user play the game but by giving them a multitude of choice on how to find what they want, also by adding a good collection of extras can enhance the enjoyment of that game or games.

As for suggestions and Altirra, I'm a little lost here, you are saying let Phaeron finish the emulator rather than look at trivial suggestions but you yourself actually done exactly that on numerous occasions. You have gone on about screen shots etc etc which are nothing to do with emulation but now have suddenly changed your mind it seems.

A bit two faced I think ;)

I happen to think the basis of my idea does help in configuration and making the emulation easier to use for the non technical. It's probably daft and not do-able but it's merely an idea I have floated..End of.

Mclane - 15 07 10 - 21:37

Phaeron, you ok?

You know you have to clear it with us before going on holiday :)

Mclane - 18 07 10 - 01:53

Mclane, calm down.
I'm sure the author in order.
I remember there were delays in 11 and even 12 days between the release of new concrete emulator.

Phaeron certainly prepares us something interesting. ;)

breaker - 18 07 10 - 16:05

I'm not actually after a release, it just seemed very quiet and being a nice bloke I just like to see people are ok. I personally don't expect anywhere near the volume of releases we have been used to and spoilt us with as Phaeron has got the emulator to the point of adding or not the fiddly extra bits.

Mclane - 18 07 10 - 20:23

I am still here :) but 1 week and than holidays :) :).
I hope that Phaeron add some news in altirra 1.7 beta 31 :) or final release :).

Question for you all when i used audio record it's raw data on pcm wich tool or program i can use for edit or conversion to mp3,wave etc.

Here in holland round 15 Augustus is a c64 day :( but they ask (mr atari and his wife) :) for setting up some atari :) stuf :).

Gr. Marco.

marcokitt2000 - 19 07 10 - 04:45

Sorry, been working overtime lately. I do have some bits in flight, though:

This version reworks part of the display code to allow acceleration on secondary monitors.

Phaeron - 19 07 10 - 17:47

thanks for update.

breaker - 19 07 10 - 19:34

thnxx for the update :)

marcokitt2000 - 19 07 10 - 19:37

Sorry to disturb Phaeron, work and life always first..

Hope you saw my idea, no need to comment..

Mclane - 19 07 10 - 21:25

Marco, sorry, I thought I had posted a link for the type of program you want.

It's called Audacity, its free and very easy to use

Mclane - 20 07 10 - 02:47

Mclane, why did you give links to third party programs?
Remember that each emulator must have its own set of utilities built into the emulator.
I do not need a bunch of separate programs, I want a superb emulator "all in one.

breaker - 20 07 10 - 03:37

@Breaker, Marco asked this question...verbose "Question for you all when i used audio record it's raw data on pcm wich tool or program i can use for edit or conversion to mp3,wave etc."

The pointer to audacity is valid as he did not say he wanted Atari Utils.

As for getting all that sort of thing built in to the emulator, good luck!

Mclane - 20 07 10 - 04:07

Mclane, no offense, it's just a problem with the translation.
I had suggested recording the sound in the emulator.
and then link to the utility for recording audio.
and I thought that you dissuaded from sound recording to the emulator.

I'm sorry if hurt.

breaker - 20 07 10 - 04:12

Mclane it's working fine the raw pcm now i can get nice ringtones my first is drol sound :)
thnx for the link.

gr. marco

marcokitt2000 - 20 07 10 - 09:00

Hi Marco, yes, that's why I chose that for you, you need to configure goldwave to choose what type of audio Altirra has dumped while Audacity does it normally..

By the way, if you look on the Audacity next to the download link there's a load of plugins in a pack and a lame link for Audacity in case you want to encode using Lame.

@Breaker, no problem..

Mclane - 20 07 10 - 21:23

Thank you Mclane i will check that later.

gr. marco

marcokitt2000 - 21 07 10 - 01:23

My pleasure Marco, while I understand that Breaker would love all this built into the emulator and who knows, he may get it but sometimes you just have to spend 5 mins with another tool and let the emu author get on with making the emu more perfect.

Mclane - 21 07 10 - 02:48

Mclane, uh I was already tortured to explain.
Business not only in that that inconveniently separate program to write a sound.
The separate program can cease to work, be not compatible with new windows e.t.c.

Much better when all inclusive in the emulator.
By the way so all also do, look at any long developing emulator.
In them always all inclusive, to that-that so it is more convenient and better.

breaker - 21 07 10 - 03:18

Phaeron, I found a bug in the emulator.
error associated with the creation and recording to disk.

sequence of actions to create an error:
1) in the drive № 2 create a new blank disc (Single Density).
2) open in the drive №1 Dos II 2.5 (v1). Atr
3) to reset (Shift + F5).
4) from Dos format the disk 2.
5) to write files on Dos disk 2 (H - Write dos files).
6) close the emulator.
at the opening of the new disc will get an error about a bad disk image.

breaker - 24 07 10 - 04:00

I forgot to specify.
after the first paragraph of action, new disk should definitely be save.

breaker - 24 07 10 - 04:05


Of sorts

Despite the disk being set to R/W it seems you have to SAVE under DISK Drives at each step of formatting and writing DOS Files or you get the error.

Mclane - 24 07 10 - 17:02

Yeah, the bug was that the code wasn't updating the base offset, so it updated the disk image starting at byte 0 instead of byte 16.

Not a big deal, but this version also has some improvements to the HLE kernel compatibility. I think it was in the earlier releases already, but His Dark Majesty now runs on the HLE kernel.

Phaeron - 24 07 10 - 17:24

That was quick :)

Thanks as always..

Mclane - 24 07 10 - 20:12

thanks for the update :)
and happy holidays everone :)

marcokitt2000 - 24 07 10 - 21:03

There is one more thing....
Whether I do not know it is possible to name it an error, but looks not pleasantly.

From time to time, at an exit from an full-screen mode of the emulator in windows, counter FPS starts to spin very quickly.
Can this somehow fix it?

and thanks for the correction of a record on disk. :)

breaker - 24 07 10 - 23:08

Phaeron, what do you think of the sound recording in wav?
I suggested this before, many liked the idea.
But you have said nothing.
your opinion.

breaker - 24 07 10 - 23:11

Phaeron, Or to put that record cassette?

nsonic - 25 07 10 - 07:59

Guys, what did I say about requesting things over and over? Just on this page alone I count 6 mentions of recording sound in WAV and 3 mentions of recording tape, not counting the earlier pages. They're on the list. Enough.

Phaeron - 25 07 10 - 08:30

Ok ok ok ....sorry!!!!!!

nsonic - 25 07 10 - 13:50

phaeron, I wish to ask you.
You use what programs for compilation of new releases of the emulator from source codes?

breaker - 26 07 10 - 00:46

phaeron you do great work thaks for all fast updates i hope for the final release of altirra 1.7 :).

happy holidays.

marcokitt2000 - 26 07 10 - 01:35

marcokitt2000, what difference does the name of the new version?
I do not care, let the author of a hundred beta release will, most importantly that the work continued.

breaker - 26 07 10 - 01:42

Breaker, re the compiling..

This is what Phaeron uses for Virtualdub so I guess the same for Altirra..

His words next

You need Visual C++ 6.0 SP5 + Processor Pack and Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) 6.15. The Processor Pack is a free download from Microsoft's website, although you will need to patch to SP5 first (this is mandatory anyway since some pre-SP3 bugs will cause VirtualDub to miscompile). It also includes MASM (ml.exe) as well. If you don't have the Processor Pack installed, the SSE instruction sfence will not compile.

Mclane - 26 07 10 - 21:11

Final versions ARE important for numerous reasons.

1.It denotes a very tested reliable version to use..

2. Look at the size of this blog, it's harder every day to keep track of what's new, what suggestions people have made and easily allows for NON topic posts to happen.

3. It allows for a clean slate, if you have ever coded you will know how annoying it is when you spend forever getting your code clean and right. The feeling of finalizing it and moving on is very nice and you normally are more alert for new challenges.

Mclane - 26 07 10 - 21:12

Mclane, thank you.
I just interesting to see how arranged.
to the same friend asked me one programmer.

new releases, I and my friend will not create.
just curious to know some things.

breaker - 26 07 10 - 21:36

Breaker, actually that's exactly why there's the source code available, so you can alter and create a release, you may have to ask Phaeron if there are any rules you must obey when doing so, there may be license issues.

I myself alter the binary with a tool called resource hacker (its free), in it you can alter how boxes are displayed, their placement and size and font used etc etc.

I use it to make the about box easier to read.

Works on a great many programs but use it with care...

Mclane - 26 07 10 - 22:55

Mclane, I know about the program "resource hacker" with her, I did some pictures when offers various ideas for Phaeron.
well, exactly this program is best to translate the emulator.

breaker - 27 07 10 - 15:49

to be continued ?

breaker - 03 08 10 - 18:20

good question.!

nsonic - 04 08 10 - 03:04

Sorry, folks, I've been completely plowed under by work, so I haven't had much time for hobbies lately.

This only contains a few more minor fixes, but you can consider it the release candidate for 1.7:

The FPS counter going quickly for a bit when you exit full screen mode is a known issue, but I think I'll postpone the fix until post 1.7.

Altirra, like VirtualDub, is built using Visual Studio 2005. I haven't used VC6 for VirtualDub for quite a while.

Phaeron - 04 08 10 - 18:02

thanks for update.

breaker - 04 08 10 - 19:18

Phareon you can add support for 7z?

manicminer - 06 08 10 - 00:47

thanks for the update phaeron :)

iam back from hollidays :)

marcokitt2000 - 06 08 10 - 08:08


Phaeron recently answered this about 50 lines above..

Here's his reply..Zip was added by him after this

> Phaeron, what do you think about adding in the emulator open files packed with archiving *. RAR, *. ZIP, *. 7z ?

RAR is an absolute no-go -- it is not an open format.

7z is open, but I'm not really keen on including a 7z decompressor.

GZIP and ZIP I could do, as I already have routines to handle Deflate. In the case of ZIP, it'd only be for one file, because I don't really want to deal with selecting files in an archive. I'm not sure if it's worth the effort to do this, though.

mclane - 06 08 10 - 20:14

Hi Phaeron, thanks for the update..

One for the backburner if you feel it's worth it.

A more hardcore cheat finder.

Searches for exact values and the ability to freeze them and a comparative search for unknown values where you answer if it's a higher or lower value (handy for health bars etc) and again the ability to freeze them?

Save me searching for subs and adc's :)

mclane - 06 08 10 - 20:19

Phaeron, I hope you have time to release a stable release of the emulator until August 14?
my August 14 birthday.
I will be 34 years old.

breaker - 11 08 10 - 03:43

If you keep asking him for stuff you may not make it to 35 ;)

Mclane - 11 08 10 - 03:47

I, too, by the way a gift can do.

this toy from our "Russian" Spectrum community.
game is a remake of a well known toys in atari 8 bit.

This file is a snapshot of memory, can be used on any Spectrum emulator.
the game is not completed, is made by about 95%.

I'm also a little help to make this game.

breaker - 11 08 10 - 04:25

here new build

thnxxx phaeron for build 34.

marcokitt2000 - 12 08 10 - 21:59

phaeron, I think we have the end of August and will not see a stable release, right?

or is it a gift?
me tomorrow will be 34 years old and you put Releases 34 ;)

Can I ask you to add one little thing in the emulator?
this is a very simple thing and I do not think it will take you a long time.
Please add a filter scan lines.
I really love to play in the emulator using the "PAL artifacting".
filter "scan lines" adds the illusion of the game as the old TV.

breaker - 12 08 10 - 22:31

and, thanks for update :)

breaker - 12 08 10 - 22:32

Phaeron, I think you have to do more and test 35.
I accidentally discovered a bug in the GUI emulator.

Here's how to call this error:
1) in the emulator, click the "Reset window layout".
2) Move the display emulator in any direction, such as

3) select display for the emulator and press Alt + Enter (Full-Screen mode).
as a result we obtain the following picture.

emulator must deploy the image on the screen, but instead it just moves the window in full-screen mode.

breaker - 13 08 10 - 03:38

Hi phaeron,

I have a question.
I have now sio2pc (switch all so sio2 1050) can be there a new option for use sio2 atari 1050 floppy drive for reading real floppy's and maybe writting to ?
I used ape (prosystem for that but the pro for protected floppy's sometimes not working) maybe sio21050 real floppy to altirra :).

Or are there maybe better programs for make backups copy protected floppy's ?
Please need more help.

gr. marco.
ps can the atari do screen 160x192 (a pixel is 2 bits normal 4 colors) 16 colors or more not gr.9 4 pixel with (80x192) please need more info about that to or are there good websites with source code.

marcokitt2000 - 14 08 10 - 06:19

:( everyone on holidays :)

marcokitt2000 - 22 08 10 - 06:18

Phaeron, what happened?
will be new releases emulator?

breaker - 23 08 10 - 17:50

Be patient, I'm too busy right now. Keep testing....

Phaeron - 23 08 10 - 19:20

Guys, give him a break, in the last two releases he has said he is very very busy with work.

We have been spoilt with the swiftness of releases but lets just sit and wait, that's why I have not posted anything since the last release.

Mclane - 23 08 10 - 21:33

Hi Phaeron,

I was reading on atariage... bla bla...
Altirra mr.atari sijmen :) from myide he is testing his roms on the altirra thats very nice.

And i wil say 1 thing you are the best emu for the atari :)
Altirra is so good i used all the time :)
Than on the real thing and i hopen what i have wrote up here for use sio 2 1050 to use a real 1050 with altirra.
(i have sio2pc inside 600xl with 64kb i have make some mod,
(data in/out switches and 1 command lind goes rts or to ri on max232 and than final switch is to the serial port pc pin 7 must to pin 4 dtr and a 5v switch that i take from the atari dc-in adapter inside for use sio2 1050,
dtr line is for use prosystem (ape) ).

I hope you wil add this in the later builds.

I wil wait and test the altirra.

gr marco kersten.

marcokitt20000 - 30 08 10 - 23:11

phaeron, I found a bug in the emulator.
the game "TLC".
in the emulator altirra, if memory 320 kb in the game there are artifacts.
This is especially noticeable in the intro of the game and the choice of the other machine.

mode 128 kb game works perfectly.

in the emulator atari800winplus 4.0 game works fine with 128 kb and 320 kb.

breaker - 31 08 10 - 01:08

But it states on the same site that other people with real hardware are experiencing crashes with 320K so making it work on 320k in Altirra would be actually faking it. Altirra is doing what is should do as a virtual machine.

Well that's my thoughts..

Mclane - 31 08 10 - 01:21

I do not know how it works on real hardware.
but why then in the emulator atari800winplus no errors?

Could be, and 35 test build. :)

breaker - 31 08 10 - 01:40

The problem here is that it does not work on real hardware with 320k, so if it does not on real hardware and it has errors on Altirra then that must mean that Altirra is performing correctly?

The fact it works on Win Plus is a mistake if you are looking for emulator accuracy.

Mclane - 31 08 10 - 02:48

I am seeing artifacts in Atari800WinPLus 4.0 as well when running with 320K of memory. It looks like the game toggles bits in PORTB that are unused in 128K mode, but in 320K mode it ends up reading/writing the wrong memory banks.

Phaeron - 04 09 10 - 10:42

1.7's out.

Phaeron - 04 09 10 - 14:38


marcokitt2000 - 05 09 10 - 21:53

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