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VirtualDub and commercial distribution

Several people have brought it to my attention that a company is distributing VirtualDub on CD for a fee. I am glad that I have such a loyal user base that actively reports such issues, but surprising as it may seem, this isn't necessarily illegal. VirtualDub is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2, which permits certain types of commercial distribution as long as the source code distribution requirements are followed. The key requirements are that (a) the distributor must make the source available themselves, and (b) redistribution of the GPL-licensed materials can't be restricted. So, they can sell the GPL program on CD, but they can't prevent anyone from taking the copy on the CD and redistributing it for free.

That having been said, I am not affiliated with any outfits that sell VirtualDub, nor do I endorse any such products or receive any compensation for any that are sold. It has been my experience that many such outfits deliberately hide or downplay the fact that their products are open source and deceptively imply that the programs are their own creations, while adding very little value in their delivery of the product. In addition, the version(s) on the CD are likely to be outdated. As such, I recommend that people not buy VirtualDub in any packaged form, and always retrieve the latest official version from SourceForge, which is linked from this website's download page. In this manner you will always receive the latest version of VirtualDub from a known good source and at no cost. Because the circumstances of distribution are unknown and beyond my control, I cannot provide technical support for versions of VirtualDub provided commercially by third parties.


This blog was originally open for comments when this entry was first posted, but was later closed and then removed due to spam and after a migration away from the original blog software. Unfortunately, it would have been a lot of work to reformat the comments to republish them. The author thanks everyone who posted comments and added to the discussion.