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Amusing OpenGL extension specification

The OpenGL 3D graphics API has a well-defined mechanism for extension by third parties, and extension by vendors provides it much of its modern power. Part of providing an extension is writing a specification document, which has a standard form with name, version, authorship, functions/tokens, issues, and revisions to the language in the base specification and other extensions.

You can see some of the extension specifications at the OpenGL Extension Registry, although it may be incomprehensible reading if you're not experienced in 3D graphics.

For the most part, the specification documents are to the point... but occasionally a snarky statement does sneak in. Take WGL_NV_render_texture_rectangle, for instance:

Additions to the WGL Specification

First, close your eyes and pretend that a WGL specification actually
existed. Maybe if we all concentrate hard enough, one will magically

(This must have been a pet peeve of the fellow from NVIDIA, because this text appears in WGL_NV_render_depth_rectangle, too.)


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