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VirtualDub 1.6.18 and 1.7.2 released

Two new releases of VirtualDub today.

1.6.18 (stable) has a couple of fixes from the 1.7.x series backported to it, one being a fix for AVI compatibility issues when alignment is enabled (mostly capture mode), and another being a crash related to the Cancel button in the video filter list dialog.

1.7.2 (experimental) has a slew of fixes, and a couple of changes. One is that throttling is now supported, so you can force VirtualDub to use less than 100% of the CPU during processing. Another change is that this is the first version with an input driver plugin API. This allows new container formats to be added for import, much like video filters can be added with new .vdf files. The API is still very experimental at this point, but if anyone wants to experiment with it: [VirtualDub plugin SDK 0.5]. Please send any comments on the API. Again, this API is still experimental and is subject to breaking changes.

Full change lists after the jump.

Build 27700 (1.7.2, experimental): [May 19, 2007]
   [features added]
   * Added minor frame lines to the parameter curve editor.
   * Input driver plugin support.
   * The threshold, sharpen, and brightness/contrast filters now support
   * The DV type-1 audio source can now be set to conceal errors.
   * Rendering operations can be throttled or paused.
   * Capture: Screencap driver can now capture the mouse cursor.
   [bugs fixed]
   * AVI parser now handles files with a significant amount of garbage prior to
     the first video or audio chunk.
   * Curve editor opens to current frame instead of frame 0.
   * Smart rendering didn't check the right locations in filter opacity curves
     if edits had been applied.
   * Animated GIF decoder didn't handle the "erase" and "restore" disposal
     modes correctly.
   * Animated GIF decoder could display a one-frame glitch at start of
   * Time-based filters and filter curves weren't reflected in output preview
     when applied to a repeating frame.
   * Fixed interlaced field DirectDraw display with planar YCbCr formats.
   * The "smart rendering" option could cause a missing codec error even if
     the video mode was set to Direct.
   * Added workaround for BlackMagic MJPEG codec not producing key frames.
   * Added workaround for update problems with the Direct3D and OpenGL display
     modes in Windows Vista.
   * Capture: Fixed crash when attempting to use "remove duplicate frames"
     feature of screencap driver on a 3D card that didn't support occlusion
   * Capture: Fixed crash in screencap driver on 3D cards that don't support
     buffer objects.
   * Capture: Fixed bugs in screencap driver's rescale function.
   [regressions fixed]
   * Fixed inaccurate length field in WAV header.
   * D3D: Fixed memory leak.
   * AMD64: MPEG video decoder now works. Build 24473 (1.6.18, stable): [May 19, 2007]
   [bugs fixed]
   * Improved compatibility of AVI files written in capture mode or with the
     "sector alignment" option. (NOTE: Affected files can be fixed by re-
     running them through VirtualDub in Direct mode.)
   * Fixed crash when selecting Cancel after removing certain video filters
     from the video filter chain.


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