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VirtualDub 1.7.3 released

Timeout expired... write buffers flushed. New version released.

1.7.3 is out. This is again an experimental release, but it mostly contains bug fixes. It's been too long since the last release and some bug fixes that were too risky or extensive for 1.6.x had been piling up, so I decided to push it out. I've begun shunting new experimental features to a secondary branch and so the plan is to try to bake this code line until we can go stable again -- no new features. Please report any problems, and I'll do more experimental releases as necessary until the code line stabilizes.

The display code has been solidified a bit again and so a bunch of the refresh problems introduced from the multithreading experiments and the Vista DWM related tweaks should be gone. During the past couple months I'd been exercising the display code heavily in some other apps, which helped expose and wring out a number of bugs.

Notable new feature: I had gotten tired of constantly hacking my local build in order to play PS2 games on my laptop with low latency, so I implemented some DirectShow clocking options in the capture module. Disabling the clock is the one that helps turn your computer into an expensive television set, but there is now also an option to use audio timestamps. Previously VirtualDub always estimated audio timestamps from the CPU clock and the video clock, which was necessary under the VFW model; this was, however, not always very stable. The timestamps on the DirectShow audio samples can be considerably more accurate due to possibly being provided by the kernel driver. If you do video capture, go to Options > Timing and give it a whirl; it may make capturing more stable.

Changelog after the jump.

Build 28191 (1.7.3, experimental): [August 31, 2007]
   [features added]
   * Added display option for showing display debugging info.
   * Frame rate adjustment can now be entered exactly, including as a rational
   * Jobs can now be reloaded for tweaking.
   * Capture: Added several options for fine-tuning timing issues with
     DirectShow-based capture drivers.
   * D3D: Improved bicubic algorithm for ps1.1+ capable cards.
   * D3DFX: Extended annotation and semantics support -- see help for details.
   * Hex editor: Now supports drag and drop.

   [bugs fixed]
   * Audio volume dialog didn't display properly after setting volume adjustment
     to zero in script.
   * Fixed crash when attempting to use "show decompressed output" when no
     decompressor is available for the output format.
   * Added workaround for digital cameras that write incomplete u-law audio
   * Fixed crash when writing job that uses the Pinnacle DV codec.
   * Added code to prevent crash when decoding an MJPEG stream where the JPEG
     images are larger than the frame size reported in the video stream. This
     now produces an error when the internal decoder is used.
   * AVI recovery code can now recover AVI files with 'rec' grouping chunks.
   * Fixed scrambled colors in filter preview with paletted video.
   * Fixed I/O errors in rare case where an AVI file could not be opened in
     unbuffered I/O mode.
   * Implemented mode 7 compression, HAM, and Halfbrite modes in IFF ANIM
   * Audio display would occasionally stop updating across certain edits.
   * Output video pane now updates itself after filters are edited.
   * Fixed minor bug where audio decompression errors would be reported as
     compression errors.
   * Fixed a case where audio displacements didn't work with compressed audio
     and full processing mode.
   * Perspective video filter now works in batch mode.
   * Added workaround for strange bit rates being shown on output AVI files
     in Windows Vista Explorer.
   * Fixed decoding of AVI files that have zero-byte frames marked as key
     frames (AVIFile turns these back into non-key frames).
   * "Sharpen" video filter no longer shows black when filter preview is first
   * D3DFX: Leaving alpha blending on in an effect no longer scrambles YCbCr
   [regressions fixed]
   * OK and Cancel behaviors on brightness/contrast video filter were swapped.
   * Fixed crash when loading 8-bit RLE videos.
   * D3D: Works again on video cards supporting less than pixel shader 3.0.
   * Added setting value back to sharpen video filter configuration dialog.
   * Fixed trippy gradient displays when trying to show a solid color for the
     dummy frame at the end (some display drivers don't handle 1x1 blits
   * Capture: Left-click start option works again.


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