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VirtualDub 1.7.5 released

Quick shot: 1.7.5 is out. I fixed a few bugs reported past 1.7.4 -- one of the problems with having experimental/stable split releases is that not as many people test the experimental releases, so I often get a bunch of reports after a branch goes stable. The other problem was that I had forgotten to integrate from the 1.6.x branch, so the fixes that went into 1.6.19 hadn't made it into 1.7.4. Oops.

Changelist after the jump.

Build 28225 (1.7.5, stable): [September 29, 2007]
   [bugs fixed]
   * Audio display couldn't be opened if the curve editor was open.
   * Temporal smoother filter crashed in out of memory conditions.
   * Fixed rare cases where WAV reader returned the wrong data.
   * Capture: Fixed crash in screen capture driver with video cards that only
     support OpenGL 1.0.
   * Capture: Screen capture driver sometimes drew garbage cursor before first
     cursor change.
   * PluginAPI: Default I/P frame model wasn't working.

Build 24478 (1.6.19, stable): [June 3, 2007]
   [bugs fixed]
   * Fixed crash when creating batch jobs with certain Pinnacle video codecs.
   * Fixed crash when reading top-down BMP files.
   * Added workaround for crash on startup on some Windows 98/ME machines. 


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