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VirtualDub 1.7.6 released

New stable release is out.

If you are using the 64-bit (X64) version of VirtualDub 1.7.5, you definitely need this version because I fixed a critical bug that was causing crashes in the display drivers whenever VirtualDub happened to display video -- I messed up in an init call and misaligned the stack by four bytes, which mostly was OK except when the display driver attempted to use SSE2, where it crashed with an alignment fault. My access to an X64 system is sometimes spotty, so I didn't fully test the new code. Whoops.

1.7.6 was also delayed for about a week in order to shake out bugs in the new input driver plugin API -- if you are attempting to write or test such a driver, you also really want this version. I'd like to extend a special thanks to everyone who participated in the input driver thread on the forums and provided feedback on the SDK and bug reports, including fccHandler, Moitah, tateu, and pintcat. Thanks to everyone's fast feedback, I was able to push out ten very fast iterations on 1.7.6 to squash a bunch of bugs and I got to see some exciting input format plugins in development. I won't steal anyone's thunder here, but there's some really cool file format support coming, and now that they're plugins, people won't have to try to sync to my versions.

Incidentally, if anyone wants to write an input plugin, the SDK still isn't finished, but here is the current version:


Build 28292 (1.7.6, stable): [October 13, 2007]
   [bugs fixed]
   * Cancelling the mode selection dialog for "create test video" didn't cancel
     the open.
   * IVTC now works when the video format is non-RGB.
   * Fixed garbled image when scrolling through an animated GIF in filter
   * Fixed missing frames when opening animated GIFs with zero delay times in
   * Fixed sync error when processing VBR audio in Direct mode.
   * PluginSDK: Not supplying a custom signature caused a sketchy match to be
     returned instead of full match.
   * PluginSDK: Fixed API host related crashes in filter preview and IVTC paths.
   * PluginSDK: Fixed support for VBR audio.
   * PluginSDK: Fixed handling of internal-decode frames.
   * PluginSDK: Fixed crash when no video stream is present.
   * Capture: Video filters were receiving frame times that were 1000x too

   [regressions fixed]
   * AMD64: Fixed a pretty nasty stack misalignment issue in the 64-bit build.
   * Fixed compression issues with WMV9VCM.


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