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Custom zoom

A slight annoyance with my new laptop is that, without a docking station, it doesn't have a DVI input. That means I have to use the analog VGA output instead. Not a huge problem, since my 24" LCD is surprisingly crisp with analog video even at 1920x1200, but occasionally I do have to give its auto-adjust a hand as the desktop in my current Vista 64 partition is both fairly empty and black. The way I do this is to launch Paint, set it to black-and-white mode, and fill the screen with a 50% checkerboard.

While going through the menus to switch to black-and-white mode, I noticed that the Vista version seems to have a new Custom item. Cool, I thought, finally I can set a zoom factor higher than 8x. Well, not quite:

[Custom zoom menu]

Apparently I can choose a custom zoom level from one of seven predefined zoom factors....


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