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I wrote the program, and even I don't know what that is

While idly browsing the web for some mildly useful information about solid state drives (SSDs), I happened upon this particular page of a hardware review on the subject:

For the most part the graphs weren't too interesting, except the ones that are tagged "VirtualDub import." Upon seeing that, I couldn't help but cock my head and think, what the heck is that? The main function, opening an AVI, doesn't do much I/O. There are about fifteen other import paths, depending on whether you're opening an MPEG-1, ANIM, image sequence, WAV, MP3, or whatever you can open with input plugins... all of which are technically "VirtualDub import." What the heck... I wrote the program, and I still don't know what that is!

(I learned later, after digging through a bunch of links, that it specially refers to opening MPEG-2 via the modded version VirtualDub-MPEG2, which does a full file scan like my original MPEG-1 module. Still, it had me confused for a while.)


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