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VirtualDub 1.8.8 released

1.8.8/stable is now up on SourceForge. It fixes the /r command-line regression, as well as a couple of bugs in the plugin API support that affected some input drivers. I fixed a couple of Ctrl+C/Break glitches too while I was at it (more cases where WM_QUIT was being eaten).

The /r regression was caused by the change I had made to allow backoff-and-retry for the distributed job case. In doing so I had failed to update the command-line path, which expects to be able to call the run-all command in the job system as a single function call. This led to a classic problem where an event driven system couldn't be driven by a non-event-driven code path. I ended up fixing this by adding a modal loop, as rewriting the command-line logic to be event driven would have been too much work and too risky. Some had suggested that the bug was that the autostart flag in the job control window wasn't being set, but that's actually a different function -- that can't be used anyway as it doesn't suspend command-line processing and thus won't stall app exit (/x). Ultimately converting everything to use commands and a command queue is the Right Way(tm), but I'm a bit far from that.

Build 30091 (1.8.8, stable): [January 4, 2009]
   [bugs fixed]
   * Command line: MPEG parser status dialog ate Ctrl+C/Break.
   * Command line: Ctrl+C/Break while running the job queue (/r) now skips the
     rest of the queue.
   * PluginAPI: DetectBySignature() now receives correct file size instead of
   * PluginAPI: Fixed frame tracking bug in default video decoder object that
     caused intermittent failures.
   [regressions fixed]
   * JobControl: Command-line run (/r) was broken by retry logic (since 1.8.7).
   * Filters: Blur and Blur More no longer write broken config lines into
     scripts (since 1.8.0).


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