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VirtualDub 1.9.3 released

VirtualDub 1.9.3 is now up on SourceForge. This release primarily stabilizes functionality added in previous experimental releases and is intended to be a test candidate -- if all goes well 1.9.4 will be released as stable.

This version is also the first version with 3D acceleration support. 3D acceleration support requires filter support and is currently implemented in seven internal video filters. Because video acceleration quality and speed can vary based on video card and driver version, it is disabled by default unless enabled in Options > Preferences > 3D Accel and should be tested locally before use. I'm afraid that documentation for the VDXA interfaces on the filter side are not yet complete, so if you are a video filter author interested in implementing support, please contact me for details.

Build 32507 (1.9.3, experimental): [July 5, 2009]

features added

  • UI: Added options to display only one of the panes and to autosize them.
  • Filters: Added support for 3D hardware acceleration.
  • Filters: Invert, warp sharp, blur, blur more, brightness/contrast, deinterlace, and resize support hardware acceleration.
  • bugs fixed

  • Drag and drop onto the batch wizard now works in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Go To Prev/Next Drop command now works after the timeline has been edited.
  • Fixed random frame codes on the one-after frame.
  • AVI: fccHandler header value for newly generated uncompressed videos with non-RGB formats is now set to the FOURCC to work around encoders that don't accept DIB.
  • AVI: Fixed bug where zero-byte pad frames were lost if the video stream had a non-zero dwSampleSize value set.
  • Filters: Cropping button is now grayed out for disabled filters, since the input size is unknown.
  • Filters: Fill filter now shows correct input size when there are earlier filters (although, currently, the image is still incorrect).
  • Filters: Fixed bug where crop bounds weren't recorded correctly if the up/down buttons were clicked and a thousands separator appeared.
  • Filters: Fixed random crash in interlace filter when switching formats.
  • Filters: The manual field order options in the IVTC filter were flipped.
  • Filters: Resize no longer forces a conversion to YV24 when resizing YV16 input in interlaced mode.
  • Display: Fixed crash in GDI minidriver when displaying interlaced video with a 0x0 pane.
  • DV: Fall back to subsequent frames if the first frame has invalid audio metadata.
  • Capture: Fixed preview window being the wrong size when filtering/cropping is enabled and preview acceleration is off.
  • Capture: Fixed inconsistency in capture timing defaults. This only matters if you haven't already run VirtualDub in capture mode once.
  • Capture: The AVI superindex/subindex settings now also apply to captures.
  • regressions fixed

    • Filters: Fixed error in IVTC computations for RGB32, YUY2, and UYVY formats (since 1.9.1).


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