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Windows NT 4.0 flashbacks

I received an email from a user saying that a build of VirtualDub doesn't work under Windows NT 4.0. Well, not that NT 4.0 is in common use anymore, but current versions are supposed to support it, so I figured I'd take a look. Start Virtual PC, create a new VM, new virtual hard disk... heck, let's give it 8GB. XP's not workable in that, but hey, this is NT4. NT4 is compact compared to XP.

[Partition too large error]


Turns out that the system drive has to be under 7.8GB for this build of NT4. Now that I think about it, didn't I have a 100MB drive when I ran NT4 Workstation? And something like a 486 with 20MB of RAM. I think nowadays I could boot NT4 in solely in L2 cache.

Installing NT4 was a real nostalgia trip. Oh right, you actually have to scroll down the entire EULA before you can press F8 because they think that ensures that you read it. Service Pack 1, hmm... well, at least it's not Service Pack 4. Ooh, I can actually choose not to install things. Phone dialer? Don't need that. Object Packager! No.

I have fond memories of NT4 because it was the first time I had a decently well protected 32-bit programming environment. When I mean protected, I mean the computer being protected from me, as in I couldn't accidentally memset() over the kernel database anymore. It took a bit of getting used to, because drivers were sometimes hard to find and install, and the only accelerated 3D game you could play was Quake. It didn't matter, because with NT4 you could write for Windows 95 without having to do it on Windows 95. That was golden.

(The reason VirtualDub 1.9.3 doesn't run under NT4.0, as it turns out, is that I accidentally snuck in a call to MonitorFromPoint. I'm SO going to put in import checking into the build.)


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