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VirtualDub 1.9.4 released

VirtualDub 1.9.4 is out. This version contains only bug fixes and is the first stable release in the 1.9.x series.

Um, I guess that's it.

A mini-FAQ for this release:

Q: What happened to the "defer this job" checkbox in the save dialogs?
A: I took it out because there were too many people who were checking it and then not realizing that it saved, and then thought the program was broken because it didn't do anything on a save operation. The batch commands have all been moved into a  "Queue batch operation" submenu. Since this is less convenient than the previous location, 1.9.4 now allows you to configure keyboard shortcuts for any menu command in Options > Keyboard Shortcuts. This allows you to access the batch mode Save as AVI command directly.

Q: Does VirtualDub work under Windows 7?
A: Yes, I have been testing VirtualDub under the current Windows 7 Release Candidate. In fact, all versions of VirtualDub work on both Vista and Windows 7 RC, although there are a few minor glitches that have been resolved in recent versions. Unless otherwise stated, you should assume that VirtualDub runs on any newer version of Windows. I don't target specific versions of Windows and try not to write code in a way that would break in the future.

Q: Does the AMD64 version work on Intel processors?
A: Yes. It's called AMD64 because that was the original name of the platform before Intel adopted it as EM64-T, but the 64-bit version runs the same either way. Microsoft changed their platform description to x64 to be more politically correct, but it's the same thing.

Q: Is your program available in DLL/OCX form so I can embed it in my app?
A: No, and I have no plans to do this. The embeddable interface is to invoke vdub.exe or VirtualDub.exe with command-line options.

Change log:

Build 32559 (1.9.4, stable): [July 27, 2009]
   [bugs fixed]
   * Fixed chroma subsampling and 4:1:0 chroma positioning in test videos.
   * Scene stepping works with panes disabled.
   * Fixed crash in scene stepping with certain frame sizes and 24-bit RGB
     selected as the input format.
   * Path options were reversed in the batch wizard.
   * Filters: Fixed crash when VDXA is enabled and 3D acceleration
     initialization fails.
   * Filters: Corrected several positioning errors in resize filter in 3D
     accelerated mode.
   * Filters: Fixed bad offset and channel swapping when cropping on a filter
     that triggers a switch to 3D accelerated operation in RGB mode.
   * Filters: Fixed cut off size text in cropping dialog.
   * Filters: Field bob, threshold, and sharpen filters were added to the list
     even if the configuration dialog was cancelled.
   * Capture: Devices that don't declare a frame rate now cause an error
     rather than a crash.
   [regressions fixed]
   * Fixed compatibility problems with Windows NT 4.0.


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