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Alright, who forgot to send WM_SETFONT?

One of the features I like from Windows 7 is the Win+P shortcut, which brings up dual-monitor settings:

[Windows projector mode dialog with System font]

I like this because otherwise I have to use the Fn+F8 shortcut to cycle through multi-mon modes, and it takes several seconds for the displays to reinit every time I cycle to a different mode. Any UI procedure that involves me having to wait seconds for something to happen multiple times sucks. This way, I only take the mode switch hit once.

There's only one problem with it, though: it's using the default System font, which on the ugly scale is eclipsed only by Chicago and Topaz.

Admittedly I'm asking for it by using the Classic theme -- it looks fine with Aero -- but it's one of those small things that catches my eye, kind of like dialog buttons that don't line up. I'm guessing someone didn't bother to send the WM_SETFONT message, which is normally how you end up with this situation. The System font is the default font you get when you create a Win32 button control manually, and you have to change it manually to GetStockObject(DEFAULT_GUI_FONT) or some other UI font. Fortunately, dialogs do this automatically, so most of the time this isn't a problem, except when you're doing something tricky like dynamically creating layouts.

(Inevitably whenever I've posted something like this, someone immediately posts a snarky comment pointing out where I've forgotten to do the same thing myself. Bring it on!!!)


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