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Altirra 1.6 released

Version 1.6 of my emulator Altirra is out. This version includes various fixes for hardware emulation accuracy issues, improvements to the built-in placeholder kernel, and enhancements to the debugger and UI.


Version 1.6 [April 25, 2010]:
[features added]
* Debugger: Added profiler.
* Debugger: Added support for loading CA65 labels.
* Debugger: Added verifier to catch possible coding errors.
* Debugger: Added support to view extended memory to some commands and panes.
* UI: Added option for controlling vertical sync lock.
* UI: Added /opengl command line switch.
* UI: BASIC ROM is now noted on window caption.
* UI: Window position is saved on exit.
* UI: Added /debug switch to launch in debugger mode.
* UI: Added /f switch for full-screen mode.
* UI: Added .car extension to Open Image dialog.
* UI: Input maps can now be cloned.
* UI: Input maps can now be bound to a specific game controller index.
* UI: Create disk dialog now has entries for standard disk formats.
* UI: Added ability to paste text from clipboard.
* UI: Moved warm reset to F5, bound Help to F6 and Break to F7, and merged Run into F8 to match other emulators.
* UI: Added program icon.
* Simulator: Added option to fill memory with a psuedorandom pattern on cold boot instead of zeroes.
* Simulator: Added support for 65C816 high memory at banks $01-03.
* POKEY: Increased playback sampling rate to 44KHz.
* POKEY: Added option to toggle non-linear mixing.
* POKEY: Added option to toggle individual sound channels.
* POKEY: Implemented keyboard overrun bit.
* VBXE: Register window can now be switched between $D6xx and $D7xx.
* Disk: Added support for 1050 drive dual density format.
* Disk: Added support for XF551 drive high speed commands.
* GTIA: Added a stronger level of NTSC artifact emulation.

[bugs fixed] * Fixed command line parsing and added several new switches. * HLE: Fixed math pack issues preventing Atari Basic ATN(), INT(), and SQR() from working. * HLE: Fixed handling of BASIC enable/disable on warm reset. * LLE: Improved math pack implementation. * ANTIC: Playfield DMA wasn't properly shut off on cold reset. * ANTIC: Improved emulation of mid scan line DMACTL changes. * ANTIC: Reset line now resets position counters. * ANTIC: Emulated single cycle glitch in VCOUNT at the end of a frame. * ANTIC: Implemented delay for changes to CHBASE to take effect. * POKEY: Adjusted timing of STIMER and timer rollovers. * POKEY: Retuned filters and non-linear mixing curve. * POKEY: Fixed behavior of SKSTAT serial overrun bit. * GTIA: Added option for displaying full PAL height when extending display past scan line 239. * GTIA: Fixed display of beam position when single stepping with VBXE enabled. * Debugger: Fixed bug where history window didn't allow scrolling to the bottom via the slider. * Debugger: History window now always shows last executed instruction. * Debugger: History window now flushes and rebuilds the tree when the history window rolls over. * Debugger: "Toggle read/write breakpoint" in the memory window was using the wrong address. * Debugger: Disassembly window now tracks 65C816 M/X/E state. * Debugger: .history command was using wrong register state for decoding indexed effective addresses. * Debugger: Fixed incorrect index register values in Registers pane in 65C816 emulation mode. * Debugger: Fixed disassembly of JMP (abs,X) and JSR (abs,X) instructions. * CPU: XCE instruction no longer sets M/X bits when staying in native mode. * CPU: Fixed bank used by JML, JMP (abs), and JMP (abs,X) instructions in 65C816 mode. * Disk: Added support for reading broken DD disks that have full 256 byte boot sectors. * Disk: SIO acceleration hook now sets SKCTL correctly. * UI: Fixed issue where full-screen mode didn't always cover the entire screen. * Simulator: Shortened delay to releasing OPTION on startup.


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