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VirtualDub 1.10.3 released

Release early, release... eventually.

VirtualDub 1.10.3 is out. It contains a number of bug fixes along with a couple of small things on the side. Several of the video filters have had additional fixes, a WAVE64 format bug was fixed, a DirectShow capture crash was fixed, a couple of Unicode text problems have been resolved, high DPI aware mode has been enabled, an option has been added to apply edits only to video and not audio, and support for high-performance screen capture on Windows 8 (DXGI 1.2) has been added.

Happy holidays, everyone. Changelist is after the jump.

Build 35390 (1.10.3, experimental): [December 27, 2012]
   [features added]
   * Added option to control whether edits on the timeline are applied to
   * Capture: Added support for screen capture via DXGI Output Duplication in
     Windows 8.
   * Capture: Added support for Core Audio loopback capture in the screen
     capture driver on Windows Vista and later.
   * Script: Improved error reporting for script errors during job execution.
   * UI: Added option for confirmation on exit.
   * UI: Program is now marked as high-DPI aware.
   * UI: Added /topmost flag.
   * AVI: Add .vpy extension to AVIFile path.
   * AVI: AVIFile mode path now allows Unicode filenames.
   * Filters: Convert format filter can now target Rec. 709 and full-range
     YCbCr formats.
   * GIF: Animated GIF exporter now uses subrects and adaptive local color
     table sizes.
   [bugs fixed]
   * Grayscale/Y8_FR video displays properly with GDI and DirectDraw display
     back-ends again.
   * Fixed the main data chunk size in WAVE64 files being 24 bytes too small.
   * Fixed garbled status message with /F flag on x64 build.
   * Fixed scanline alignment on V210 format to 128 bytes.
   * Capture: Fixed regression in the bandwidth indicator from increase in
     frame rate precision.
   * Capture: Fixed crash in DirectShow mode when selecting an audio device
     that has been removed.
   * Filters: Fixed garbage initial value for format convert audio filter.
   * Filters: Fixed crash in ELA modes of the bob doubler.
   * Filters: Fixed degree sign in rotate2 and HSV filter blurbs on
     non-English systems.
   * Filters: Fixed inverted images with field swap and deinterlace filters
     with RGB24 input.
   * GIF: Clear codes are now forced when the LZW table fills up to work
     around buggy decoders.
   * Script: Lifted some line length limitations in script handling.


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